Enhancing customer experience to unlock the Business Value from Wireless Infrastructure

Wi-Fi is fast becoming an essential commodity, on par with air, food and water. In response, almost every known modern business across the world is attempting to offer free Wi-Fi to visitors. The next big question is “Can we offer a best-of-breed Wi-Fi infrastructure and help customers extract business?”

Ubiquitous digital communication has created a new breed of customers – customers that expect to be connected, empowered and always on. But what’s particularly interesting is that their desire for digital experiences is changing their expectations at physical spaces.

They expect free, fast and legally compliant Wi-Fi access wherever they go, so that they can stay plugged into their social lives, share their experiences, compare prices and find more information. 64% of consumers even expect brands to respond and interact with them in real-time.

This Wi-Fi conversation—including infrastructure and business impact—is shifting toward the consideration of intent and context. A more effective experience should be driven by intent and informed by context. To this point Cisco just introduced a more effective way to network—The Network. Intuitive. And, for years, Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) has enabled customers to more effectively engage customers by leveraging intent and context.

By investing in the CMX location insights and engagement platform, physical businesses can build connections with customers in ways previously unimaginable like analyzing visitor at-location behavior, inferring their intent, creating brand experiences and engaging visitors with relevant context within a physical space.

And the more personal that engagement, the more effective.

Introducing Cisco CMX Engage: Next-Gen Wi-Fi Analytics and Engagement Platform
Cisco CMX Engage is a location insights and engagement cloud software platform that integrates with Cisco Enterprise Wireless, Cisco Meraki, and Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences to allow organizations to acquire customers, build location based customer personas, and engage directly with customers in real-time.

It delivers value to enterprises across industries including shopping centers, retail, stadiums, airports, and hospitality. Live deployments include InterContinental Hotel group (the largest location based cloud deployment in the world), SAP Center, New York Yankees, Norwegian Football League, Majid Al Futtaim and Westfield Century City among others.

CMX Engage is the first location based cloud platform that is truly enterprise ready having global deployments handling peak traffic of over 10 million transactions per hour, deployed across 3000+ enterprise locations and adding about 30 new locations every day with 24/7 monitoring and end-end SLA.

The experience provided through CMX Engage is personalized and sensitive to what each visitor might want, because it leverages the context of what visitors are doing at that particular moment in time. To match the appropriate offerings to the right customer and their location persona, CMX Engage allows brands to obtain a total 360-degree view of the customer and thus reduces the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

By using CMX Engage, you don’t simply collect data on your customers; you leverage an opportunity to create and sustain a meaningful relationship with your customer. Because the closer you put people to the experiences they care about, the more they engage with your brand and positively impact your customer lifetime value.

Product Features – What Sets CMX Engage Apart 

  • Presence analytics – Across global locations, measure key visitor activities that matter to your business including the number of visitors, dwell time, new vs. repeat visitors, peak traffic hours and more.
  • Multi-channel acquisition – Using Wi-Fi, connect and acquire visitors and analyze their at-location behavior to a few meters. Businesses can then send hyper local marketing messages and notifications to people as they move around the venue in real-time.
  • Dashboard – The centralized, online dashboard provides a real time view of visitor activity, location personas, engagement summary, marketing campaigns and other performance metrics.
  • Proximity rules – Powerful, configurable rules engine defines actionable location based insights and engagements.
  • Engagement platform – CMX Engage allows you to setup automated campaigns in minutes based on behavior and location. You can engage with customers via sms (text) messages, emails, app notifications, and smart captive portals.
  • Data ownership and API integration – Data is owned by the enterprise and compliant with privacy and security standards worldwide. API’s made available can integrate into all types of enterprise systems including marketing cloud, CRM, ERP, loyalty, PoS systems etc.

Two Different Product Packages For Two Different Business Needs
CMX Engage is available in two editions: 1) CMX Engage and 2) CMX Engage Advanced.

In the Engage edition, businesses can connect and acquire customers and also deliver targeted, interactive experiences through smart captive portals. Using profile rules that define in-location personas, businesses can gain deep customer insights.

The Advanced edition consists of the same features as the Engage edition, with the additional capability for businesses to turn insights into action by delivering personalized engagements to visitors through sms, email, app notifications and integrate into their enterprise systems.

To learn more, check us out at www.cisco.com/go/cmxengage. Contact us for a free demo and limited period free trial offer.


Greg Dorai

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Cisco Networking Experiences - Campus Connectivity

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