Nuclear security is a high priority international threat today. The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) 2014 took place in The Hague, the Netherlands, following the summits in Washington D.C (2010) and Seoul (2012).

NSS 2014

Network Requirements:

An event of this magnitude required nothing but the best network solution. The venue had existing small networks across 5 buildings and 4 tents. They decided to disable the existing networks and setup a comprehensive Cisco network solution exclusively for this event. The major requirements were:

  1. 100% network uptime
  2. Highly secure connectivity
  3. Sufficient Bandwidth for about 5000+ attendees including delegates, press and ministry staff

In addition to these, the entire implementation needed to be cost-effective. Although it might seem like implementing a top-notch network for a two day event is a big expense, the intention was to re-use this setup for future events.


The event had to run uninterruptedly with limited staff available. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has about 2500 employees, similar to the size of midsize companies. They implemented a wide array of Cisco network solutions including Wireless, Routing and Switching, Network Management, Security, Collaboration, Data center and Services.

See the complete product list here: Summit leaders Connect with Confidence (2014, Netherlands) 


By going for an end-to-end Cisco solution they were able to:

  1. Have confidence in the network reliability and security, especially with Cisco support
  2. Provide free and secure Wi-Fi access to over 5000 attendees  with speeds up to 450mbps
  3. Have wired connections for high-level security actions
  4. Provide separate VLAN for the press
  5. Re-use components for future events

The ministry was truly impressed by how things went.

To see what they had to say, read the entire case study: Summit Leaders Connect Customer Case Study with Confidence


Anand Jobanputra

Marketing Specialist

Mid-Market Mobility Solutions