A network powered by intent. Informed by context. Growing more intuitive every day. The Network. Intuitive.

This is Cisco’s vision, built on intent-based networking technologies that can turn days of work into hours, and hours into seconds. One way for you to get started is with centralized management. Here are the steps you can take to enter a new era of networking:

Step 1: Get Cisco DNA Center. It’s been 2 months since its launch, so you’ve probably heard of DNA Center – the centralized management application for your network. (If not, read this or watch this).

DNA Center allows you to be able to manage your end-to-end network from the campus, branch, and WAN to the cloud. It uses automation to lower costs, and assurance and analytics to improve network performance.

Step 2: Simplify network management:

Step 3: Learn more about Cisco DNA Center here.

Step 4: Stay tuned – the list of use cases for automating network management will continue to grow. We will be announcing some exciting capabilities around assurance and analytics soon, with more “How to” videos to help demonstrate how Cisco DNA Center enables you to better manage your network.

BONUS Step: We are building our first sustainable base on Mars and we need your help setting up the network and keeping it running smoothly. Play the game here.

What are some of your network management challenges? Leave a comment below, or let us know what you think!


Jason Liu

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Mobility