This Wednesday, we’re kicking off a great webinar series that will walk you through the Cisco Unified Access solution. With the five-part series, we’re breaking down the one policy, one management, one network story into technical, informative chunks. Part 1 is in just two days, so if you haven’t registered, CLICK TO REGISTER

On Wednesday’s webinar, Cisco’s Muninder Sambi and Current Analysis analyst Mike Spanbauer will discuss:

  • The industry perspective regarding challenges surrounding, BYOD, Mobility and the Internet of Everything
  • The latest Cisco technology that can help you simplify and optimize you network
  • How a unified access network can improve performance and operations
  • Deploying consistent and contextual policies will improve access control and enforcement
  •  How reducing operational complexity can accelerate device deployment and end user problem resolution.

Join us on Wednesday, April 3rd ay 10:00AM PST. Registering is EASY: Just click this link and put in your details.

For more on the other webinars in the series, see our announcement from Sunday.