A year ago, I introduced our Enterprise NFV solution. This year at CiscoLive Berlin (#CLEUR), we announced solutions that extend virtualization beyond the branch, across the entire enterprise network and to the cloud.

Every day, we see how digital transformation is changing the way we work, live, play and learn. Fueled by trends such as mobility, IoT, cloud and analytics, going digital is more important than ever.

In order to accelerate your digital transformation, you need a network that can respond fast to your growing needs.

Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) enables your network to become open, software driven, and service centric by providing virtualization capabilities that are open, software driven and service centric. DNA allows you to rapidly deliver services that enable IT to innovate faster, reduce costs and complexity, lower risk and meet compliance.

Virtualization is one of its key pillars of Cisco DNA.

With DNA Virtualization you can…

  • Save time – Deploy virtual network services in minutes, instead of weeks.
  • Have more choices – Expand your network securely to any platform – branch, campus, data center, carrier-neutral facility, or the cloud.
  • Lower your costs– Reduce CapEx by moving to virtual services and consolidate hardware. Lower OpEx with automated central orchestration.
  • Increase performance– Connect all types of users to the applications they need through the most optimal path

Branch Virtualization with Enterprise NFV

Branch Virtualization with Enterprise NFV makes it simple and easy to design, provision and manage network services in the branch. Now with a new branch platform optimized for Enterprise NFV, ENCS delivers complete virtualized services. It provides service agility and density needed for the branch with limited IT resources.

Colocation Center Virtualization with Secure Agile Exchange

Cisco Secure Agile Exchange (SAE) solution enables enterprises to quickly and securely interconnect users to applications by virtualizing the DMZ and extending it to colocation centers. It allows users employees, customers and partners to reach the desired application whether the application resides in the data center, the public or SaaS cloud while ensuring the best application experience.

Public Cloud Virtualization with CSR 1000V

Public Cloud Virtualization with CSR 1000V extends your enterprise network to the public cloud by preserving existing policies and gaining visibility. With CSR 1000V at both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Cisco has the large public cloud provider partners to help IT manage services and applications in the public cloud as one entity.


Cisco is Unique –

  • Simple – manage your virtualized and distributed networks as one
  • Everywhere in the network, branch to the cloud
  • Comprehensive – network services you can trust

So to summarize – here are the benefits you should expect from DNA virtualization –

  1. Simplifies day to day operations by increasing uptime and reducing time network Administrators spend troubleshooting
  2. Helps IT quickly roll out new services and new locations. IT can support the business in a timely manner, by deploying new applications, services or supporting business initiatives.
  3. Provides consistent network policies through the entire network and to the cloud. IT has the freedom to choose the network services, where it is deployed and where they deploy it on.

Check out the demo I have done on stage with Scott Harrell, SVP Product Management Enterprise Networking –

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Liad Ofek

Director of Product Management

Enterprise Networking Group