IT experts, ask yourselves these two questions: “What assets do I have? And how am I using them?” If you’re having trouble answering, know that you’re not alone.

IT organizations of all shapes and sizes are struggling with the ever-growing tech stack — and software is no exception. Between the users, the technology, and all the related licenses, organizations now require more visibility into their existing software in order to better manage usage and maximize their investments.

Asset management is easier with Cisco Smart Accounts.

And new requirements call for a new approach to asset management —  a smarter approach. Here’s where Cisco Smart Accounts enter the story. A Smart Account, simply put, gives IT an automated way to collect and manage all its Cisco assets in one place. It’s like a bank account for licenses, enterprise and utility agreements, and more.

For the full story on Smart Accounts, make sure to tune in to our latest #CiscoChat Podcast.

In this episode, I’m joined by Cisco’s Head of the Engineering Licensing Office Ben Strickland. Together, we talk about digital asset management with Smart Accounts, answering the following questions:

  1. What is a Cisco Smart Account and what makes them so compelling for IT operations?
  2. How do you get a Smart Account? (Spoiler alert: It’s super easy!)
  3. How do you recommend organizations set up their Cisco Smart Accounts?

Listen for yourself.  (6-minute podcast)

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Candace Inscoe

Sr. Manager

Software Marketing