Rogue access points and unauthorized access, DDoS or penetration attacks, evil twin attacks – all mobile security issues that can keep you awake at night. But do you know the difference between compliance and enterprise security? Being compliant is not synonymous with being secure, that’s why our webcast on April 16, is focused on how to bridge the gap between PCI compliance and security to minimize the impact of an attack.

Dr. Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Research Institute will discuss the latest data on Cyber Crime statistics, Economics of a Data Breach and the likelihood of a data breach moving forward (shocking data!).  He is sharing research from a new (not yet released) study.

Christian Janoff and Aaron Reynolds (QSA, Verizon, Global Consulting Services) will be doing a candid Q&A discussion on some very controversial topics – such as ‘can you really simplify compliance?,’ ‘why does compliance interpretation differ from one QSA to another?,’ etc.

Finally, Bob Russo will share his opinions on why PCI is more pertinent than ever – including PSS DSS 3.0 which is due out in the fall.

It’s a great event! Check out this PCI Q&A delving into PCI compliance and security in retail:

http://blogs.cisco.com/retail/question-are-you-pci-compliant-are-you-secure-part-2-of-2/ and this blog talking more about the webinar http://blogs.cisco.com/security/join-the-pci-experts-to-help-you-bridge-the-gap-between-compliance-and-security/