Wondering what’s new and next for The Network. Intuitive? There’s been so much amazing progress in analytics and automation since we ushered in the era of intent-based networking. You’ve likely experienced firsthand how this unique approach, built on Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), enables you to simply and quickly understand all that’s happening across your network — right from the one-stop DNA Center shop.

And now, our latest innovation puts you on the path to even easier and speedier network insights: Introducing the Meraki integration for the Cisco DNA Center.

This initiative brings Meraki closer to the DNA Center and further highlights its focus on full-stack management simplicity. Wondering what that means for IT experts like you? While the integration is still ongoing, the beginning stages are complete — and we’re so excited to unveil a single operational dashboard for all your Cisco and Meraki assets. Discover the details in the latest installment of the #CiscoChat Podcast.

In this episode, I chat with Cisco DNA Senior Director of Product Management Ronnie Ray and Cisco Meraki Director of Product Architectures Pete Doolittle. Press play below or listen on Soundcloud for answers to the following questions and more:

  • What do you need to install or configure in order to achieve this Meraki integration?
  • How does pricing work? (Spoiler alert: We think you’re going to like what you hear!)
  • What’s next for Meraki as its DNA Center integration continues?

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Duval Yeager

Engineering Product Manager

DNA Center Product Management