cisco-mobilty-express-at-spiceworld2015-austinI am a snowboard guy. The adrenaline rush of fast, frozen snow is my idea of a good time. So, why am I headed to blistering hot #SpiceWorld2015 in Austin at the tail end of summer? It’s simple. I want to demo our fast and furious Mobility Express solution to more than 1000 SpiceHeads from the IT networking #Spiceworks community. As Product Manager, I am extremely proud to work on improving the way small organizations install and use their wireless networks and I look forward to talking with IT managers in the trenches. That’s another one of my interests, World World II documentaries.

Put 10 Minutes Back in Your Day

We heard from four SpiceHeads in a recent panel discussion at our San Jose headquarters – TIME is their number one challenge. If we can help them save time by making something easy to do — get the info and go – we will be thanked, not roasted over flaming coals at SpiceWorld’s annual conference. Our customers that tested Mobility Express in beta program praised the simplicity of configuration. They also liked that the entire network is configurable by accessing a single IP address, the one for the embedded wireless controller. I’m looking forward to demonstrating how fast and easy it is to configure up to 25 access points in under 10 minutes with our new Mobility Express solution. SpiceHeads are a fun crowd. They appreciate straight talk and technical details, so that’s what we’ll deliver in our demo breakout session Thursday, September 24 at 2:30 pm CDT.

Get Enterprise-Class Wireless Benefits at an SMB Price

With #MobilityExpress, Cisco tries to help smaller organizations that face similar challenges as larger ones. Smaller organizations need to connect more and more devices and provide more bandwidth, but without having the resources available that larger corporations do: expertise with dedicated IT staff, funding, etc. Cisco Mobility Express aims to be a cost effective, simple-by-design wireless solution, providing the latest wireless standard: 802.11ac Wave2. We researched a lot and spent time to ensure that the solution is simple to install and simple to manage. Cisco Mobility Express also embeds wireless best practices that were identified over the years by working with large organizations and by learning how to improve the wireless user experience. These best practices are turned on by default when Mobility Express is installed.

Monitor the Network from Your Mobile Device

Another point to mention is that #MobilityExpress can also be monitored from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) by using the FREE Cisco Wireless app. The mobile app offers in-depth data on the wireless network, including health statistics, application visibility with deep packet inspection for the entire network or even by individual client/user.

Test Your Wireless Knowledge with our Mobility Motor Mania Game

If you’re able to join us in Austin, we’ll be showcasing our solution at booth #5 and offering lightsabers to people who watch a demo or play our mobility motor mania game. Or, if you aren’t in Austin, try the game online and test your knowledge of industry standards, wireless technology history, and Cisco solutions. Here are some clues to help you reach Level 11. With Cisco Mobility Express you:

  • Receive Cisco’s renowned RF quality and performance packed into access points providing the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac Wave 2.
  • Get Cisco’s recommended best practices turned on by default. You won’t need to understand nuances of wireless settings or explore the user interface to find the different knobs to turn on recommended settings.
  • Use the free-of-charge Cisco Wireless app to monitor your network with your smartphone.
  • Have the opportunity to grow your network when needed, without replacing initial gear, nor redesigning the architecture.


Cristian Raducanu

Product Manager

Enterprise Networking Group (ENG)