Co-authored by Jeff Reed, SVP of Cisco Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

Since announcing The Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) in March, it has been generating a great deal of enthusiasm in the networking community. Cisco DNA represents an opportunity for the network to drive digital transformation in your organization and take you on a technology journey that fully embraces virtualization, automation, analytics, and cloud service management – all with openness and extensibility.devnet1

It’s not just technology that drives digital transformation – It’s also an organizational and individual journey to build the skills and capabilities to reach the destination – which is why we’re excited to launch the Cisco DNA DevNet community of interest! The Cisco DevNet DNA community is a critical avenue to get the tools, resources, and code you need to build innovative, digital network-enabled solutions. You’ll find an online community with a myriad of resources to support your journey – whether you’re walking through the installation of Python and Git, learning the fundamentals of the APIC-EM APIs, or using sandboxes to test your solutions.

Please join us on the Cisco DNA journey and interact with experts and others in the DNA community on Cisco DevNet!


Rob Soderbery

Former Senior Vice President

No Longer with Cisco