“Hybrid work and automation in smart workspaces require agility of speed and bandwidth, flexible power, and simplicity of design. With high performance access edge Cisco Catalyst 9300X switches, you will get a version of the bestselling switches plus additional flexibility and performance you need.”

Hybrid work evolves

It has happened to all of us. It is time to go back to the office with a new hybrid schedule and you are running late. With no time to waste, you jump into your car, and you know you can make up time by turning on the ‘sports’ mode on your car – because what you need now is a full dose of high performance to deliver more speed and get you to work on time.  

Like your high-performance car, your Cisco Catalyst 9300X access switches installed in your recently renovated smart workplace will not let you down. Both are excellent performers with agility, flexible power, and simple programmability. And unlike your car, you do not have to turn on the “sports” mode, when you deploy the Cisco Catalyst 9300X, that sports mode is always on. 

With a lot of offices offering a hybrid work option, your routine is not the only thing that has altered. Like most companies post-pandemic, the office landscape has changed to become smarter and more sustainable. Best of all, these Cisco switches are made for the hybrid environment and will hold their investment value over time, and will continue to be your workhorse as your network continues to evolve. 

Smart workspaces need smart solutions 

With laptop in hand, you quickly make your way to the conference room, glad you recommended the purchase of Cisco Catalyst switches along with the powerful Catalyst 9100 Access Points as you are receiving the industry’s best connection. But the star here is the Catalyst 9300X model switches, which offer high performance like the Catalyst 9300 switches, however the X denotes more “oomph” and other additional value-added features. It is a lot like the ‘sports’ mode on your car – same great performance with a little more kick.

Catalyst 9300X model switches can connect seamlessly to more devices in your network assisting with higher bandwidth applications like video conferencing, all while keeping the distributed workforce securely connected. The Catalyst 9300X switches now can accommodate endpoint devices that support 4K & 8K ultra high-definition video for streaming and virtual reality, as well as Webex Hologram technologies. This allows you to prepare your networks for evolving technologies with existing hardware.  

Intelligent and automated solutions can securely optimize operations, including HVAC and smart building controls, Cisco technologies can manage it all by analyzing data and designing configurations to run operations more efficiently and sustainably. The combination of smart hardware and smart software can help reduce bottlenecks quickly and help keep your branches and campuses running smoothly.  

More Agility 

Cisco Catalyst 9300X models offer increased agility with more speed and bandwidth to reduce downtime and minimize delay. Fast 100G uplinks allow the network to meet the growing demands of content connectivity. You suspect the vast data proliferation of IoT ecosystems will need higher performing network solutions, and the Cisco Catalyst 9300X switches offer the perfect solution with more bandwidth to the access edge with high density 10G multigigabit and 100G uplinks to the core.  

These switches are designed to offer up to 1 TB of stacked bandwidth, the largest in the industry, to reduce management complexity at higher densities to assist your business agility.  

Catalyst 9300X - 48 Port
Figure 1. Cisco Catalyst 9300X with 48 Ports

More Flexible Power 

The Cisco Catalyst 9300X model switches deliver the largest power budget using 90-Watt Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE+). These flexible ports can be used to power lights, shades, screens, cameras, sensors, power automated standing desks, and so much more. Using PoE is more energy efficient, carbon-reducing, and interconnecting smart building devices can create healthier focused environments. Smart thermostats powered over the ethernet can control intermittent fans to ventilate the air in confined spaces based on occupancy levels for healthier and more comfortable spaces. Or shades can be closed to keep the air conditioner off longer, when direct sunlight is warming up a conference room, thus helping to lower your energy costs. 

Additionally, the Catalyst 9300X models offer more flexibility with multigigabit ports up to 10G to improve downlinks with access points and to connect more devices with faster speeds and less compromise. 

Simple Programmability 

The Catalyst 9300X model switches allow designers greater options to customize the switches with open standards and Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs). Custom APIs allow designers to write code to these switches to be more adaptable for future connectivity and endless design solutions based on analytical data from various devices. Some examples of programmable interfaces could include custom security code, printer interfaces, and HVAC intermittent fan controls. Furthermore, the Catalyst 9300X model switches offer double app hosting simultaneously which means you can run two programs at the same time. This is great for hosting multiple custom applications simultaneously like Cisco Spaces and Cisco ThousandEyes to monitor networks.  

To give users the best experiences, Cisco is also collaborating with third-party vendors of smart building devices to securely integrate devices like lights and sensors to support key smart building solutions. Now, users can run programs like Cisco Spaces to monitor space capacity and health to drive new business outcomes, and Cisco Thousand Eyes, to gain more Internet insight into a full 360-degree view of your entire network.  


Hybrid work and automation in smart workspaces require agility of speed and bandwidth, flexible power, and simplicity of design. With high-performance access edge Catalyst 9300X switches, you will get a version of the bestselling switches plus the additional flexibility and performance you need. 

Protect your infrastructure investments while being smarter and more sustainable. If you have a need for speed and more powerful network capabilities, the Catalyst 9300X Series switches can give it to you now and into the future, especially in branch offices and smart buildings.  

Turn on the figurative ‘sports’ mode in your network with Catalyst 9300X switches, to add more agility and power. All while reducing downtime, creating comfortable smart workspaces with energy-efficient solutions, and programming the next generation of interfaces as hybrid work evolves with a switch that delivers more. 

Now if only Cisco could do something about that bumper-to-bumper gridlock in the morning! 


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Cappy Lau

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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