Now is the time to make sure your network is ready for a hybrid world where the workplace is anywhere, endpoints could be anything, and applications are hosted all over the place.

Extending the power of the secure network as close to the edge as possible helps you to better respond to the unexpected… transforming the challenges of hybrid work into opportunities for innovation.

Introducing Cisco® Catalyst® 9200CX compact switches

Catalyst 9200CX 12 port
Figure 1: Catalyst 9200CX 12 port

As part of the Catalyst 9000 family, these highly anticipated compact switches bring IOS® XE and enterprise-class access down to the very edge with an extra level of security, and the features required to handle our ever-changing world of hybrid work.

The new compact Catalyst 9200CX models are optimized for flexibility and security and are ideal for

  • Fiber to the edge
  • Small branches
  • Healthcare, retail, hospitality, sports, media, and entertainment
  • smart building retrofits
  • places where space is at a premium and quiet operation is a must.

The smaller footprint and quiet, fan-less design means Catalyst 9200CX compact switches can go in places other switches cannot, like on or under a desk, mounted on the wall or ceiling, or in a closet, hospital room, or classroom. But at the same time, they offer many advanced features that are firsts for a compact switch:

  • MACsec-256 encryption
  • Full flexible NetFlow/IPFIX
  • Plug-and-play zero-touch provisioning
  • SD-Access edge node capabilities with 16 VNs!

And to top it off, they’re also IPsec, AVB/PTP, and BGP EVPN hardware ready. 

The Catalyst 9200CX is designed to allow you to secure your network from the inside out, applying continuous zero-trust security anywhere you need it, and often extending your network to places it has never been before.

Whether in the board room or the bedroom, at the checkout counter, or the check-in desk, don’t box in your network to a traditional workspace or workplace; embrace the future of hybrid work with Catalyst 9200CX compact switches.

”We are excited about the new Catalyst 9200CX compact switch, which suits our needs
in our Fiber to the Edge deployment at our new hospital, with advanced features
such as VxLAN, VRFs and BGP.”

—Michael Valeur, Business Development Manager, Infrastructure
University Hospital, Region South, Denmark



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Jeff Meek

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Mobility