We realize that your road to the networking nirvana that is intent-based networking may seem daunting. As your business grew, need exceeded vision and you found yourself with a hodge-podge of new and old, of one type or another, creating a network almost out of your control.

But you took the first step to take back control, re-imagining your network with a solid foundation of Cisco Catalyst 9000.

2020 Global Networking Trends - Predictive and Business Optimized Network Journey

You can identify with the 70% survey in the 2020 Global Networking Trends Report that said they want their networks to be predictive or business-optimized in two years.

You are ready to take the next step. Now what?

Easy. Turn on Cisco DNA Assurance.

Yes, it is almost as simple as flipping a switch – more exactly flipping on capabilities already in your Catalyst 9000 switches and access points.

OK, there is a little more involved but turning on the DNA Assurance capabilities in Cisco DNA Center may be the difference between a network that needs continuous attention and one that simply understands what you need.

The actual process is simple. It all starts with turning on and logging in to your Cisco DNA Center control center.

Then Cisco DNA Assurance is 4 steps away.

  1. Discover and review
    Enable Cisco DNA Center’s discovery protocol feature and let it do most of the work for Discover devices (routers, switches, Cisco WLCs, and access points) across the network and use the dashboard to review the network inventory.
  2. Map and assign
    Use Cisco DNA Center’s intuitive drag and drop interface to design your network hierarchy and configure and apply telemetry profiles to network devices including the location of each device, with details such as area, site, building, and floor.
  3. Integrate ISE (optional)
    Configure Assurance for Cisco ISE integration to allow you to see more information about wired clients, such as the username and operating system.
  4. Enable
    Enable device control. Device Controllability is enabled by default and automatically configures discovered devices with SNMP trap servers, NetFlow, Syslog, and NETCONF.


Seriously, that’s it.

With Cisco DNA Assurance, the days of time-consuming network troubleshooting are over. Whether it is wired or wireless, Cisco DNA Assurance enables every point on the network to become a sensor, sending continuous streaming telemetry on application performance and user connectivity in real time. Then, using the latest in AI and machine learning technology, let Cisco DNA Assurance make sense of it all.

The system adjusts performance thresholds, reduces alarms and false positives, and automates the process of issue resolution and system enhancements. The clean and simple dashboard shows overall status and flags issues. Guided remediation then automates resolution to keep your network performing at an optimal level with less mundane troubleshooting work. With Cisco DNA Assurance, you can grow your network and still have time to take on the new IT projects that set your company apart from your competitors. No other system, or combination of systems, offers similar levels of intelligence and control.

See what makes Cisco DNA Assurance different.

Start your journey today to an intent-based network on your current portfolio of network equipment, then continue to adopt network innovations in the months and years ahead through the power of software. Get software details.

Benefits of Cisco DNA Assurance

●     Saves time: Noise and false positives are reduced, while issues that have the greatest impact on your network are accurately identified.

●     Reduces work: AI-driven technologies can proactively find the cause of your biggest network issues quickly.

●     Speeds troubleshooting: Machine reasoning algorithms automate remediation options for fast issue resolution.

●     Helps you excel: Your network’s performance is increased, while you spend less time running and troubleshooting it.


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Jeff Meek

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Mobility