In the previous blog we shared how the first round of innovations coming from the Apple and Cisco partnership enabled enterprise Wi-Fi users to be more productive as they move within the environment as well as enabled IT to prioritize business-critical applications over the air, something that hasn’t been done before. In this blog we will share how in this second round of Networking Innovations we take the guesswork out of Network Analytics and Assurance.

Here is what we are announcing now:

  1. We have had customers telling us that they love the ability to prioritize business critical apps on iOS. They have asked us to extend that to macOS, and we have delivered. Starting this fall, customers can prioritize their mission-critical apps on Mac computers, too.
  2. Wi-Fi Analytics: Imagine every time an iPhone or iPad associates or roams on your network, it informs the associated Access Point about the BSSIDs and signal strength, the Access Points it sees around itself and why it disassociated or roamed. And instead of relying on MDM, or your network needing to guess which device is connected to it based upon traffic from the device, your iOS device will identify itself with its specific model and iOS version, e.g. iPhone 7 running iOS 11 beta.

Now imagine an analytics engine utilizing machine learning to deliver insights on network behavior and events. This is going to transform the way that you diagnose and troubleshoot any mobility issues, as well as deliver an enhanced experience for your users. This will all coming later this fall, enhanced experience, powered by intelligence.

 We are in this for the long run, and are seeing results in deployments:

  • New apps optimized for the fast lane are being introduced into the App Store every month. From healthcare and hospitality apps to collaboration apps such as Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx.
  • We are using it ourselves –in our United Kingdom Cisco office, test have showed 83% lower quality issues with collaboration apps. Our customers in healthcare, enterprise, and retail environments are also deploying this innovation.
  • More developers are joining DevNet to validate their iOS apps for fast lane. Read Susie Wee’s blog to learn how
  • To quote Dennis Holmes, the Director of Mobility and Infrastructure Solutions at Internetwork Engineering who has supervised deployments of this technology at multiple customers,

“Fast lane innovation is a must for any company focused on transformation through digitization”.

How do I learn more ?

Join us at CiscoLive! for more details or reach out to your local sales team to understand how Apple and Cisco can fast-track your workplace.



Jeevan Patil

Director, Product Management

Wireless Network