With the prevalence of mobile devices connecting people and things today, we are seeing a base expectation for uncompromised wireless connectivity. There is no doubt that the trend for high performance, pervasive wireless is on the rise and will continue for the foreseeable future. We at Cisco strive to help organizations get ahead of these trends with solutions that can be deployed with confidence today.  That’s why I am proud to announce the latest Cisco Wireless Release 7.5, the third feature-rich release we’ve had in the last 12 months.

Release 7.5 enables mission critical wireless deployments with sub-second stateful failover for wireless clients, wire-like Gigabit performance with the 802.11ac Module, and a bevy of other features.

Key Features in 7.5:

  • Cisco Aironet Access Point Module for 802.11ac: Industry’s first shipping enterprise class and the first publicly announced enterprise-class AP to attain Wi-Fi Alliance 802.11ac Certification. The modular design enables future-proof deployment of the next generation of 11ac clients for video streaming, high density environments without compromising the end user’s quality of experience.
  • Cisco Aironet 700 Series Access Point:  An affordable compact dual-radio access point for value-minded customers looking to modernize their networks to handle today’s increasingly complex wireless access demands
  • Client Stateful SwitchOver (SSO) across geographically separated locations:  Controller redundancy with no client re-authentication and sub-second switchover.
  • Application Services for wireless users:
    • AVC Protocol Pack – Enables customers to update the protocol libraries with a simple protocol pack update instead of a standard software upgrade to meet the fast changing application environment.
    • Bonjour Services Directory– Ability to discover services on a vlan L2 adjacent to the wireless Access Point. Wireless Services in the vicinity of the client are provided
    • Converged Access:  Ability to run Mobility Controller (MC) functionality on a 5508 or WiSM2 in the Converged Access mode with a Catalyst 3850 mobility agent (MA)
    • Integrated Policy Engine – The onboard wireless policy engine enables profiling of wireless devices and policy enforcement to address customer’s BYOD deployments
    • Enhanced Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Capabilities:
      • CMX Browser Engage and Dashboard – Mobile browser-based communication and campaign management to enable  organizations to engage users in their venue based on the their context: where they are, how long they are there, whether they are a new or repeat visitor, or even what sites they are visiting
      • Mobility Services API with Support for REST – A new toolkit for enabling ecosystem partners to easily build location-based apps

For the complete list of 7.5 features and benefits see the wireless product bulletin.

Cisco is committed to delivering complete wireless solutions to help address customer deployments across different verticals and market segments.  From the London Olympics to the Superbowl, from Mobile World Congress to Cisco Live!, Cisco wireless has a strong track record of proven high density deployments for tens of thousands of users in both large enterprise and public events.  We look forward to delivering more feature-rich releases to help improve your wireless experience.


Palani Karuppan

Product Manager

Cisco Wireless Networking