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Ecosystem partners are an important adjunct to Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). They augment the analytic and customer engagement capabilities of the solution with innovative business outcomes. This blog is one in a series that will highlight several of our CMX Ecosystem Partners. Today—Aislelabs.

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Aislelabs is a Cisco Solutions partner with a portfolio of advanced location-based technologies serving large indoor venues such as shopping malls, airports, big box retail stores, convention centers, and other large spaces. Working with the Connected Mobile Experiences solution, their portfolio leverages the Wi-Fi and BLE beacon location information collected and calculated by Cisco.

Aislelabs Flow: Detailed venue analytics utilizing anonymous Wi-Fi data with no required app. Taps directly into existing Wi-Fi and delivers highly granular, customizable analytics around customer behavior.

Aislelabs Social Wi-Fi: Social analytics for the physical space to further understand guest’s interests, demographics, and where they spend most of their time. Enables email and social marketing campaigns targeting guests as well as advanced re-targeting (social, display ads) once they have left the venue.

Aislelabs Engage: Mobile SDK integration to any app and a cloud-based iBeacon deployment, management and marketing platform with superior analytical functions. Deliver location-based marketing to shoppers inside the venue in real time utilizing their mobile devices.

Aislelabs Pass: The power of iBeacon marketing without a custom app. Features direct integrations with iOS passbook and Google wallet.

Aislelabs Navigate: Advanced indoor navigation solution as an add-on to any app for any venue using Wi-Fi and iBeacon. Integrates a content management system for venue information and marketing.

Partners Take Flight

Aislelabs and Cisco joined forces to deliver a comprehensive, Wi-Fi-based analytics solution to a major international airport serving tens of millions of passengers a year.

On average, 70 percent of passengers carry a smartphone with Wi-Fi turned on. The Cisco/Aislelabs solution enables the airport to anonymously understand the behavior those passengers—without compromising privacy—and create real-time and aggregated heat maps of wait times.

The airport immediately discovered that their passenger’s on-site experience had a profound impact on annual revenues. Certain events, such as weather-related delays and holiday crowds, triggered longer waits at gates, security checkpoints, and check in counters. Delays depending on when and where they happen as well as their duration can impact retail sales in a positive or negative way. The Aislelabs platform reveals such dependencies and aids to design optimal strategies to maximize revenue.

To mitigate the effects of the delays, the airport can test different solutions, such as adding additional staff during a trigger event to determine which scenario most positively impacts the customer experience. This allowed the airport to identify the most effective remedial strategies to mitigate long delays and wait times.

Using airline loyalty apps, the solution can also alert passengers about flight status, including boarding times and delays. The Aislelabs’ Engage platform can provide an additional layer of accurate proximity, using Bluetooth with Wi-Fi, for the apps to enable a personalized airport-experience for the passengers.

True to the nature of partner ecosystem, Cisco and Aislelabs continue to work with the airport to brainstorm new applications to improve the passenger experience. In addition, they continue to work together on other customers including large chains of shopping malls.


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Jagdish Girimaji

Director, Product Management

Enterprise Networking