Rudolph Maly, Head of Cisco Connected Industries for EMEAR, talks about the 2013 Hannover Messe event in Germany and says “Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!”

Here is the second installment from the recent Cisco presence at Hannover Messe presence. The first installment can be viewed here: Cisco Messages on Hannover Messe Part 1, Guy Denis talks about the Cisco Booth.

As I mentioned in a recent blog about Power over Ethernet, IP devices are becoming ubiquitous, and the Internet of Things is upon us, and the predictions are for billions of devices connected over the Internet of Everything. So, in this case, what does this mean in terms of connectivity and what Cisco is talking about at the fair?

More and more traditional industries are connected to the worldwide internet. This is all helping to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and help drive product development and facilitate new business models.

At Cisco, and particularly at the Cisco Connected Industries Group, Rudolph talks about how Cisco is building products and architectures that reach into production plants and machinery in order to enable robust, reliable and secure connections to the internet and to business systems, both inside the organization and externally to suppliers and customers.

This is another example of the Internet of Things which is a part of The Internet of Everything and the part that is already with us today in the manufacturing industry.

You can read more about the Internet of Things (especially geared towards the manufacturing Industry) and The Internet of Everything by clicking on the links here.

All this makes it easier to consolidate networks and converge office and business networks with plant-wide networking, providing a lower cost, more secure single managed network providing collaboration and communications functionality to the plant floor, and real-time information back to the business systems, so they can act on it.

Watch out for the 3rd and final Hannover Messe blog coming soon!

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Peter Granger

Senior Sales Transformation Manager