Get ready to TURN IT UP at our all-digital Cisco Live 2021. We’re excited for the creative experiences, impactful speakers, and thought-provoking sessions slated globally March 31st – April 1st.

Join us for our engaging industry sessions across our manufacturing, utilities, oil & gas, and transportation industries.

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The last year has brought change and innovation. Our thought leaders and subject matter experts are ready to share the latest trends and advancements shaking up their industries. All manufacturing, utilities, and oil & gas sessions are future-focused; taking the lessons learned from 2020 and building toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Are you ready for the future of work? The workplace of the future became reality overnight. The imperative to connect in the most secure, flexible, and productive ways possible – from anywhere, at any time — is more critical than ever.  Hear how Cisco’s customers have responded and scaled quickly to meet ever-changing opportunities and challenges.

Manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas

In manufacturing, utilities, and oil & gas, industrial security is front and center. Industry sessions include Zero Trust Security and the Industrial IOT, the Journey towards a Secure Industrial Network, and how Cisco IOT Digitizes and Secures OT Environments. Learn how Cisco’s Industrial Networking enables our customers to securely connect assets in outdoor and industrial spaces with scalability and agility, and why networks for Industrial IOT are cool.

Accelerated industrial digitization has also been top-of-mind for most in the last year, enabling safer and more efficient organizations that can adapt to the next unexpected challenge. Sessions include Accelerating Digitization at the Industrial Edge and the Evolution of Access Technologies for Industrial IoT.

Whether tracking field equipment or building a modern distribution grid, wireless connectivity is being tasked to do more than ever before. In these wireless technology sessions, you will experience a breakdown of the Wireless World in IoT, learn the new ways to address on-the-move and wireless backhaul use cases, and how to protect the workplace using Meraki technologies.

Specifically for utilities, we are pushing forward with extended capabilities and added features in our WiSUN portfolio, such as enhanced network stability and maintainability for Cisco resilient mesh and our management platform to help accelerate the deployment, confidence, and management of shared network and datacenters.


We’re also excited to discuss the future of infrastructure such as connected and intelligent roadways and returning to work safely with smart buildings. Learn how Cisco provides a scalable, flexible architecture for secure connectivity anywhere to enable advanced use cases like pedestrian and road safety, emergency vehicle preemption, transit signal priority, and connected and autonomous vehicles.

There are so many amazing opportunities to learn, connect, and enjoy. For year-round thought leadership, check out our  #ManufacturingNow and Manufacturing Leaders Podcast Series.



Brooke Raffetto

Global Industry Marketing Lead

Manufacturing and Energy