Cars are important to Cisco.

With Cisco’s heritage in networking the enterprise, we understand how to create a secure, scalable and high performing networking framework – one that enables connectivity and new user experiences. In a nutshell, this has been the foundation for our efforts in connecting cars. We’ve taken some of the key aspects of our enterprise core in defining how we view the car of the future. With a highly secure and reliable networking infrastructure as the foundation of a connected vehicle, you enable a full spectrum of partners to create new experiences for end users and you enable tangible benefits for the automotive industry and its customers.

In Traverse City, Michigan this week, we’ve had a very exciting demo to show off. With tier 1 supplier Continental, we’re announcing the very first proof-of-concept of a connected vehicle using Cisco technology. With the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars as the backdrop, we’re showcasing for attendees the impact of Cisco’s enterprise-grade, secure and seamless wireless network technology on the connected vehicle.

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For consumers, it’s a matter of enabling experiences that matter most. With a Cisco software client that taps into the wider network, the car becomes a high performing hot spot on the road. With the ability to easily switch between 3G, 4G and other wireless networks, we deliver reliable, non-stop connectivity and provide the basis for superior app performance with voice, video and data. Drawing from real-time and historic data, we’re creating network flexibility for users and routing traffic based on quality and cost.

As we continue working with the automotive industry on how they can derive value from the connected vehicle, we often refer to the vehicle as a moving data center. With embedded connectivity, you open opportunities for opt-in data collection. If users agree to share vehicle and personal data, automotive manufacturers can leverage this information to improve vehicle diagnostics/maintenance and create customized user experiences. A recent Cisco study highlighted the current sentiment landscape, showing that consumers are open to providing data if they perceive tangible, useful benefits in return.

Within all of this, we frame all efforts in the context of security. The more vehicles become connected, the more entry points you open up for potential hackers. It’s become a prime concern for the industry and Cisco is poised to address it. Leveraging enterprise-grade security, we’ve built in a combination of cloud based and on-board security solutions from the ground-up to secure key attack points.

For Cisco, the promise of connected vehicles is not pie-in-the-sky. Working with the industry, we’ve continued to take the concept and conversation to actual execution. Our announcement this week with Continental is a key step forward for us and we’re looking forward to working with the industry in getting these technologies on the road.

It’s time that we start seeing our cars differently.


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Helder Antunes

Senior Director

Corporate Strategic Innovations Group