Imagine having visibility into the internet—including cloud and service providers—and being able to measure the impact on your applications, services, and users. Such visibility could help you run your network optimally and securely—within business parameters—while also monitoring the health of that network in the cloud and through your network operations center (NOC).

This might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. But it’s becoming more of a requirement. In fact, not having it could result in applications and services across the network that fail to meet performance, network security, and usability expectations. 

In this dynamic networking landscape, staying ahead of the digital curve is essential. Cisco recognizes this need and is excited to introduce the Cisco Enterprise Network Assurance (ENNA) v1.0 Specialist Certification. The new ENNA Specialist certification targets IT professionals in multiple technical roles, NOCs, security operations centers (SOCs), site reliability, network, and cloud-monitoring engineers, as well as support and help desk personnel who manage complex systems and network infrastructure. 

How ENNA addresses challenges in modern network environments 

Modern network environments present daily challenges, as tech professionals must troubleshoot areas outside their control and visibility, such as interconnected networks, clouds, ISPs, applications, and services. The ENNA v1.0 certification validates your expertise in understanding, deploying, and diagnosing network issues using critical monitoring solutions for today’s intricate infrastructures. 

Cisco and Network Assurance 

Cisco’s decision to introduce a network assurance specialist certification stems from the rising demand for evolving digital experience monitoring. As the complexity of the internet, applications, and services increases, monitoring cloud infrastructure and networks beyond the enterprise network requires innovative solutions. Network assurance is a pivotal aspect of Cisco’s strategy, aiming to offer end-to-end visibility, proactive monitoring, and automation solutions. The timely release of the new ENNA Cisco certification provides network professionals with industry-standard guidance to hone their skills, identify areas for improvement, and showcase their proficiency. 

ThousandEyes and Network Assurance 

While the certification primarily focuses on network assurance for enterprise networks, ThousandEyes plays a crucial role in the exam. Candidates should demonstrate their ability to determine the right monitoring strategy, recognize appropriate monitoring techniques, and configure integrations for alerts, API, OTEL, and more. Mastering skills such as deploying the right agent, configuring tests, and analyzing collected data is essential for success in the field. 

New ENNA Learning Path in Cisco U. 

Cisco is rolling out an ENNA Learning Path in Cisco U. to provide comprehensive training that covers an introduction to each network assurance offer, including ThousandEyes, Cisco Catalyst Center, AppDynamics, and Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN. The Learning Path will also cover key aspects of the ThousandEyes platform evaluated in the exam, such as enterprise agents, endpoint agents, and various tests (network, web, DNS, voice, and BGP). Also, a Meraki Insights track will offer insights into overview, configuration, and analysis modules.

Availability for the new Cisco U. Learning Path is currently scheduled for late April 2024.  

Job roles aligned with ENNA Specialist Certification 

The ENNA specialist certification aligns with the following main groups of professionals: 

  • Those Performing the Job: Monitoring Solutions Engineer, Network Operations Engineer, Helpdesk Administrator/Support Engineer, NOC Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer. 
  • Those Benefiting from Insights: Application Owners, Network Engineers, and Platform Engineers. 
  • Those Implementing and Designing Solutions: Implementation Engineers, Cloud Architects, Network Architects, Technical Account Managers, Adoption Engineers. 

Integration into CCNP Enterprise 

The ENNA specialist certification is now part of the CCNP Enterprise Professional-level certification. This integration recognizes the importance of network assurance as a pillar in the evolution of networking. The inclusion of ENNA in the CCNP Enterprise certification reflects the industry’s demand for specialized skills in enterprise networking. 

Essential study tips for ENNA exam success 

  • Carefully analyze the blueprint: Understand the exam’s blueprint to prepare effectively for each domain. 
  • Understand knowledge levels: Grasp the required level of knowledge for each exam item to tailor your preparation accordingly. 
  • Complement with documentation: Supplement your studies with product documentation or relevant standards. 
  • Create a resource list: Compile a list of resources, including books, online courses, and practice exams. 
  • Gain hands-on experience: Sign up for trials to gain hands-on experience with network assurance platforms, enhancing your understanding of usage, configuration, and data analysis. 

The Designing and Implementing Enterprise Network Assurance (ENNA) v1.0 certification is not just a testament to your skills but a stepping-stone into the future of networking. Here’s where you can prepare diligently, leverage resources, and embrace hands-on experiences to help you embark on a successful certification journey. 

  • The new ENNA specialist certification exam is scheduled to launch at the end of May 2024.
  • ENNA Learning Path in Cisco U. and instructor-led training options are currently planned for availability in late April 2024. 
  • If you’re interested in learning about the ENNA exam, download the exam topic blueprint here.
  • To stay ahead of all things ENNA, sign up for updates.

We’ll keep you posted about ENNA training and the availability of the ENNA exam. Happy Learning!


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