Keeping your services operating at peak efficiency is a core part of running a successful business. Your customers are counting on you to evaluate, test, troubleshoot, and optimize at every turn. So, how do you deliver the optimal customer experience? Well, it starts with taking a closer look at their experience.

Start with a root cause analysis

First, you need to identify how users are accessing your services. How are they connecting to the network? Which pathways do they follow? Are there any bottlenecks or obstructions that slow them down? Once you can pinpoint and flag current and potential issues, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about how to address them.

Wait — back up. How can I troubleshoot their network problems if the infrastructure isn’t under my control?

Your ability to perform a root cause analysis is critical. Cisco ThousandEyes End User Monitoring is your game-changing solution. It offers a variety of active and passive monitoring techniques that prove deep insight into user experience across the applications and services you provide and consume. It also leverages an expansive internet monitoring data set to provide real-time internet outage detection, powered by collective intelligence. The benefits of deploying the Cisco ThousandEyes Endpoint Solution are obvious.

How can I get my team the training they need to successfully deploy this powerful monitoring tool?

That question has been finally been answered with the long-awaited release of Cisco’s new Implementing and Troubleshooting Networks Using Cisco ThousandEyes (ENTEIT) v1.0 course. ENTEIT v1.0 is where you can learn everything you need to know about implementing Cisco ThousandEyes.

That includes how to monitor your connected networks, from the basic concepts behind the solution to identifying the challenges of modern networks. You’ll even get hands-on lab experience with the Cisco ThousandEyes solution so you can explore the role of ThousandEyes Cloud, Enterprise, and Endpoint Agent in monitoring cloud and internal infrastructure solutions.

See the internet like you own it

In addition to learning about the implementation of Cisco ThousandEyes, you’ll also learn how to deploy and utilize the various tests and agents that allow you to monitor the broader network as if it was your own, enabling you to generate actionable insights for your enterprise:

  • How to identify the challenges in modern networks and understand basic concepts regarding the Cisco ThousandEyes solution and its value to our customers.
  • Explore the role of Thousand Eyes Cloud, Enterprise and End-users agents in monitoring cloud and internal infrastructure solutions.
  • How Enterprise Agents work, their deployment options and Cisco platforms supporting these agents. You will also learn about Enterprise agent deployment with Cisco DNA-Center.
  • How to run various tests based on layers of operation—routing, network, Domain Name System (DNS), web, and voice test.
  • How to run Web Layer tests which touches on various web technologies starting from the most basic measurement of availability of a web server all the way up to performing precision transactions on a target.
  • Deployment of end point agents, their use-cases, and how to view collected data and determine the user experience.
  • Scenario-based troubleshooting using Cisco ThousandEyes.
  • How can you use Cisco ThousandEyes internet insights to see the internet like you own it.

Change is here to stay

Change is (ironically) a constant — and the last few years have been full of change. Everything about the way we work has changed. Of course, there’s the move towards hybridization and remote options, but that’s not all. Networks no longer belong solely to single enterprises. Data and services are moving to the cloud. At every turn, however, transformation is empowered by the people who keep those services running. That means that we need to stay ahead. We need to continue to learn, evolve our skills, and adapt to these new technologies. Cisco ThousandEyes and the Implementing and Troubleshooting Networks Using Cisco ThousandEyes (ENTEIT) course are here to keep you ahead of the times.

Make sure you’re in charge of understanding the health of your network with the tools and skills you need to build top-down visibility. Learn more about the Cisco ThousandEyes End User Monitoring solution, then build your expertise by purchasing Implementing and Troubleshooting Networks Using Cisco ThousandEyes (ENTEIT) through the Cisco Learning Network Store or Cisco Digital Learning.

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