For an educator like me, there is only one thing more fun than working with a learner who’s passionate about their subject, and that’s working with a whole community of passionate learners. But even I was amazed when I joined the Cisco U. team and saw the dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm of the Cisco Learning community. You are, hands down, the most fun and passionate community I’ve ever had the honor to work with.

Kate Dignan presenting in the Cisco U. Theater at Cisco Live Las Vegas.
Kate Dignan shares the vision of tech learning and Cisco U. in the Cisco U. Theater. Cisco Live Las Vegas, June 5, 2023.

In fact, your passion is why we created Cisco U.

We designed the Cisco U. learning experience around personal guidance, community connections, and an in-depth catalog. It’s also why, even though the confetti hasn’t settled yet from the release of Cisco U., we’re already building new features and content.

We are committed to continuously iterating Cisco U. to provide an ever-more unique, personalized, and practical learning experience. In this blog and my panel at Cisco Live Las Vegas, I’ll share details about what you can expect to see now and going forward in Cisco U.

Spotlight on the learning experience

At Cisco Learning and Certifications, we understand that there is more to learning than acquiring knowledge. Cisco U. is built on a foundation of guidance, community, and depth. We also prioritize the practical aspects of learning; the community, and the opportunity to earn Continuing Education credits.

Community integrations: discuss what you learn as you learn

We know learning works best when it’s collaborative. That’s why Cisco U. builds community connections into the learning experience.

With a worldwide community of more than one million learners from the Cisco Learning Network, you can ask questions and join discussions with experts and peers as you learn. Communities and discussions you follow will surface on your My Dashboard/My Community page. Cisco U. also integrates podcasts and live webinars to keep you looped into the latest developments in the CLN community.

Continuing Education credits: recertify and stay current

Cisco U. lets you recertify your active certifications by earning Continuing Education (CE) credits. To earn CE credits, just complete a qualifying Cisco U. Learning Path by earning at least 80% on every post-assessment in that Learning Path, then submit your CE claim at the CE site.

Earn 16 CE credits with Rev Up to Recert: Automation. Sign in to Cisco U. Free and complete the Understanding Cisco Network Automation Essentials Learning Path. Get started now.

On the horizon: Cisco U. and the learning life

Cisco U. demo station
Cisco U. demo station at Cisco Live Las Vegas.

Your passion for learning and certification continues to fuel our vision for Cisco U. From ongoing content development to a more supportive certification journey to a more personalized and metrics-based experience, watch for new features and releases over the coming months as the platform continues to evolve.

We are committed to giving you the insights you need to help you learn in the way that works best for you. We also hope you’ll share your insights with us! Use the Feedback button in Cisco U. to send us your thoughts and let us know if you’d like to talk to us in future feedback interviews.

Learn more about Cisco U.

You can learn more about Cisco U. and get started with Cisco U. Free today. Now is a great time to upgrade your subscription because we’re offering special introductory pricing through July 29, 2023, on Cisco U. Essentials and Cisco U. All Access plans.

You can also learn more about what lies ahead for Cisco U. by watching my session, Cisco U.: The Evolution of Tech Learning, below where I’m joined by my colleagues, Huma Hamid and Ashley Roach, in the Learning and Certifications’ Cisco U. Theater in the World of Solutions.

Be sure to read our blogs to learn about other great sessions in the Cisco U. Theater and all the Learning and Certifications activities at Cisco Live.


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Kate Dignan

Customer Experience Product Manager

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