Cisco’s technology is used in organizations of all sizes and in most industries and corners of the globe. From the data center to the cloud, it secures, speeds, streamlines and brings together companies, employees, and the wider world these organizations touch. This is true especially today, as Cisco solutions support and enable businesses and individuals to come together in new socially-distant ways of working and living.

Cisco’s focus on customer relationships drives everything we do. Yet, how often do we consider that behind every Cisco switch, router, or piece of software our customers use, that the people using it have rich personal stories? That’s one of the reasons Cisco’s Global Advocacy team developed a new video series called “Faces of The Gateway”—because we want to know not just how our customers are using Cisco technology, but who they are. We want to learn why our customers got into technology in the first place. What drives them outside of work. How they became who they are.


Introducing the Faces of The Gateway video series

Technology may be the great enabler, but it’s the people using it who are driving the world’s advances. Our video series peeks into our customers’ lives, and in doing so we’ve come to know them a little better. The connection is a little more genuine. And, we hope you find that as rewarding as we do.

We’d like to thank our passionate customer advocates who shared their time and stories with us. Each of them are active members of Cisco’s Gateway community, with regional hubs bringing together customers from around the world. If you’re a Cisco customer interested in learning more about The Gateway or how to get involved in sharing your story, reach out to us.

View the videos

We’re launching our series with this compilation video.

Be sure to check back for additional videos in the coming months, as we sit down with our customers for dialogue that reaches beyond hardware and software use cases.


Ann Kelly

Communications Manager

Global Advocacy