The Gateway Triangle is a new podcast series featured on The Global Gateway, Cisco’s customer advocacy community with thousands of advocates worldwide! I host the podcast along with my colleague, Katie Meerstein. The podcast features team members from Cisco’s Global Advocacy organization, as well as our valued customer advocates who make The Gateway possible. We love to keep it laid back while we discuss tech, advocacy, and life in general.

We’re back with another episode where we sit down with Pierce, who works for a large healthcare company. Pierce joined The Gateway in 2018 when he met the Cisco team in Orlando, Florida, for Cisco Live, making him one of the first  Gateway advocates in the Americas region and the leader in lifetime points in the Americas! He’s seen the community evolve from a regional one-woman show led by Alex Kohut, to a global platform managed by an entire team. He says that after he joined The Gateway there was a lot of fun content about Cisco Live, and then, in his words:

“The challenges started diversifying, flowing a little more regularly as the community grew. From that, it further spread out into different channels and of course, the biggest and most recent of all was when Cisco combined all of the regional Gateway hubs into this one, global set up. Now, everyone is together from all regions in a single community. I’m really excited to see what you all do next!”


Movie fanatic, two truths and a lie

Pierce enjoys a beer with fellow Gatewayer, Jyrki, at Cisco Live Cancun!

We had a blast discussing our favorite hobbies. For Pierce, going to the movies is more than just something to do. It’s a ritual for him. Sometimes when he has free time, he’ll go to the movies in the morning and stay for as long as 12 hours, catching as many movies as he can back-to-back! We could have talked about movies all day, but we did get to some tech talk as well, when we asked him who he’d like to meet in the world if he could choose anybody. Pierce works in network engineering, and he marvels at how quickly things change in his role.

“Technology keeps changing faster, and faster, and faster. Networking is definitely one of those areas that changes. I can’t think of one person in networking that I’d like to meet because things become obsolete so quickly.”

We end every episode with a fun game of Two Truths and a Lie! Pierce played along, telling us that he has accumulated so many trophies on his swim team that he had to throw away two garbage bags full of trophies. He also said he enjoys singing and has performed on stage, and that he’s been to more than eight countries. Any guesses as to which statement is the lie? You’ll have to tune in for our next episode of The Gateway Triangle podcast to find out!



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Nicholas D'Amato

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