2020 will likely be remembered as the year that pushed enterprises over the digitization tipping point. In just a few months, enterprises have had to transform how their employees work, how they serve their customers, and in some cases, they have had to also pivot to a new business model. Knowledge workers are now working from anywhere, contact center agents are taking customer calls from their home, patients are electing to visit their physician virtually, and consumers have moved to digital channels.

Some of these changes are temporary, but many are likely here to stay.

This shift has led to a disaggregated digital footprint and hyper-distributed IT environments. As enterprises accelerate their adoption of cloud hosted applications across hybrid and multicloud architectures, applications and services have also become more distributed.

While the perimeter of the IT environment has drastically expanded, IT does not always have full control over the application and infrastructure stack, and connectivity is reliant on unpredictable third-party networks, IT is still responsible for delivering a seamless end user experience.

So how can IT continue to optimize digital experience?

It starts with visibility – with an end-to-end view of the delivery of applications and services over the Internet.

By pairing Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Network Intelligence, enterprises can get a complete view of the health of their applications and how users experience them.

APM provides proactive visibility into the application delivery, performance, and key performance indicators of business metrics for applications hosted on premise or in the cloud – and managed by IT.

Network Intelligence provides visibility into external dependencies (such as SaaS applications, APIs, DNS, and ISP connectivity) and correlates application layer visibility with hop-by-hop visibility across network paths and Internet routing data.

APM provides visibility for DevOps teams, so that they can make the necessary architectural decisions to deliver optimal application performance. Network Intelligence gives inside-out and outside-in visibility for NetOps and CloudOps teams, so that they can reduce Mean Time to Troubleshoot (MTTT), ensure business continuity and maintain a high-quality end user experience.

While COVID may have accelerated the digital transformation of most enterprises and pushed them over the technology tipping point, “in the end, tipping points are a reaffirmation of the potential for change and the power of intelligent action” (Malcolm Gladwell).

Through the power of two industry leading solutions – AppDynamics and ThousandEyes – we believe that enterprises can take intelligent action and regain control of the digital experience of their employees and customers in a hyper distributed new normal.

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Grimt Habtemariam

Director of Global Routes to Market Acceleration

Global Partner Sales and Routes to Market