As IoT matures, organizations need to connect to a growing range of industrial devices in rugged environments. However, extending enterprise IoT connectivity to, and managing, critical devices is challenging—especially when the available connectivity options vary depending on location. These options are evolving rapidly and continuously. When a new long-distance technology or protocol becomes available, you might be forced to rip and replace your current networking equipment, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Ruggedized Router Connectivity is Available Today

Imagine what you could achieve if you could gain the connectivity you need at the IoT edge, in a flexible industrial IoT solution providing visibility, automation, and control. It’s happening now, as utilities employ Cisco solutions to cut costs and ensure reliable service to customers. They are remotely managing thousands of miles of unmanned power grids, between substations and control centers, for improved power flow, better fault detection and isolation, and enhanced efficiency.

A Flexible, Scalable Industrial IoT Router Built for the Edge

The Cisco IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged is Cisco’s smallest industrial router and features a highly modular form factor that offers secure IoT connectivity that scales for the future.

We know that 5G will soon play a major role in IoT applications.The Cisco IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged is 5G-ready and modular, so you can easily upgrade to new communications protocols. It offers the latest capabilities today and is easy to modify and expand, with no costly rip and replace requirements. You can add or upgrade WAN connectivity options, or extend functionality with edge compute storage components as needed.

Edge environments such as utility poles or roadways are often exposed to the elements and difficult to access. The Cisco IR1101 was designed with a rugged, compact form factor for extreme conditions. It’s small enough to install almost anywhere, so you can set it and forget it in a small cabinet until you’re ready to expand or upgrade.

You can manage the Cisco IR1101 with the same open, resilient, secure management tools that you use for your enterprise network, using Cisco IOS XE. The solution is also fully compatible with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), providing a software-delivered approach to automating and assuring services for intent-based networking.

A Robust Modular Router for Today’s Industrial Applications

The Cisco IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. For public safety and transportation, the Cisco IR1101 provides intelligence at the network edge for tracking and monitoring traffic flows and detecting violations. Redundant WAN connectivity helps ensure high availability and better safety.

In energy and oil and gas applications, it supports cellular redundancy for reliable connections to remote field sites like oil rigs, to help limit downtime and cut costs. It lets energy producers access real-time data and insight at the edge for better decisions and faster troubleshooting.

In finance, the Cisco IR1101 lets organizations extend their branch networks to remotely manage ATMs and other customer-facing devices, while providing advanced, multilayer security. For organizations that need to rapidly scale operations to additional sites, the solution supports Cisco SD-WAN. This agile solution offers centralized cloud management and consistent security policies across thousands of sites for a secure industrial IoT network architecture.

Discover how Cisco can help you scale and extend to the IoT edge. Visit www.cisco.com/go/ir1101


Sanat Kamal Bahl

Director Strategic Product Marketing

Cisco IoT Cloud