When a natural disaster or other major emergency strikes, first responders need to coordinate in real time, but those efforts are blocked when citizens flood the network with their own attempts to communicate. That’s where FirstNet® — a dedicated communications band — ensures that first responders and critical infrastructure providers can communicate seamlessly. Cisco’s industrial routing portfolio is now FirstNet certified to help workers on the front lines improve public safety response.

FirstNet is a seamless IP-based cellular communications network that gives first responders across the United States dedicated multimedia capabilities using Band 14 on the FirstNet core, along with AT&T’s other spectrum bands. FirstNet improves the speed and efficiency of emergency response with unthrottled connectivity and priority communications. It also provides instant access to information and enables secure communications by leveraging a highly available and dedicated core.

With Cisco’s FirstNet certified Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio, first responder teams can communicate over the dedicated broadband LTE network, sending and receiving data, video, images, and text without concerns about network congestion. Our FirstNet certified industrial routing solutions include Cisco 1101 Industrial Integrated Services Router Rugged (IR1101) for fixed deployments and Cisco 829 Industrial Integrated Services Router (IR829) for fixed and mobile deployments.

Cisco’s industrial routers provide reliable connectivity for critical infrastructure for major public safety use cases such as law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, transit, and utility agencies. The routers’ ruggedized design delivers uninterrupted operations in highly challenging environments. No-compromise, industry-leading security is built in at all levels — from physical security all the way to application-level security. In addition, the Cisco IOx application infrastructure framework can effectively process time-critical analytics and generate timely reports without running into bottlenecks further down the network.


The benefits of choosing Cisco for FirstNet communications extend beyond the routers themselves. As an industry leader in networking, Cisco is committed to delivering end-to-end FirstNet support through its IoT portfolio. Instead of simply a point product, Cisco has a depth of technology capabilities that enables us to bring together various solutions that allow customers to quickly and easily deploy capabilities for use cases in public safety.

Our FirstNet certified solutions support priority and preemptive communications for public safety and emergency response. In addition to our FirstNet certified industrial routers, Cisco offers a cloud management solution for provisioning, monitoring, and upgrading routers that provide connectivity to FirstNet devices enabled with FirstNet SIMs. Cisco’s IoT Control Center solution helps ensure a reliable SIM management lifecycle for FirstNet devices.

Public safety organizations are increasingly using technology to better respond to public safety issues and keep everyone safe. Real-time access to information is critical. The faster you can deliver accurate, robust information, the safer our communities are. Cisco’s FirstNet certified IoT solutions are bringing greater situational awareness to public safety and improving the speed and efficiency of emergency response. For more information on our FirstNet certified portfolio, download the At-a-glance and visit our product pages that include IR1101, IR829, and IoT Control Center.

Disclaimer: FirstNet® and FirstNet® Ready are registered trademarks and service marks of the First Responder Network Authority.


Tarannum Parkar

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco IoT