As industries continue to digitize operations, they connect their industrial networks to enterprise and cloud resources more than ever. Protecting industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technologies (OT) against cyber threats has become increasingly critical.

You can’t protect what you can’t see

Driving cybersecurity best practices in industrial environments and implementing the right security policies for your organization require perfect understanding of your OT security posture and deep visibility of what industrial assets are connected, their vulnerabilities, and their activities. However, gaining this visibility can be challenging as traditional solutions require dedicated appliances or out-of-band collection networks, making it difficult to scale and costly to implement.

To help industrial organizations easily gain OT visibility, we’re very excited to announce an updated version of our best-selling Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series industrial switches, now supporting the Cisco Cyber Vision sensor software across all models in the series.

Obtaining OT visibility is now simply a matter of activating the Cyber Vision software feature in the Catalyst IE3300, enabling industrial traffic analysis at the edge with no impact on switching performance. This eliminates the need for dedicated security appliances or SPAN collection networks to duplicate network flows to a centralized tool. Cost, traffic, and operational overhead are all minimized while insights into connected assets and your security posture is seamlessly gained from everywhere a Catalyst IE3300 switch is installed.

Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series

Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series switches feature advanced, full Gigabit Ethernet with a modular, future-proof design. In addition to combining the power of Cisco IOS XE with built-in security and Cisco DNA Center for simplified management, the Catalyst IE3300 offers the advanced features expected by industrial IoT customers, such as:

  1. Designed for OT. Integrate effortlessly into your industrial network with the features you need, such as L2 NAT, Layer 3 routing, IT and OT redundancy protocols, support for EtherNet/IP (CIP), Modbus, PROFINET, SCADA, and more.
  2. Modular DIN-rail design. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt to your growing connectivity needs and help future-proof your investments. The Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series is available with 1GE or 10GE uplink options and offers a wide choice of expansion modules with copper, fiber, and PoE ports.
  3. High-density PoE+/4PPoE managed switch. Reduce complexity with one cable for connectivity and power. The Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series provides high-density industrial switching that can power up to 24 ports of PoE/PoE+/4PPoE with up to 90W per port.
  4. Extend IT practices into your industrial network with IOS XE built-in security, and seamlessly integrate into Cisco security solutions with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cyber Vision, Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch), and Cisco XDR. Use 802.1x-based authentication, downloadable ACL lists, and dynamic VLAN assignments for network segmentation to reduce cybersecurity risk.

Showing a photograph of the Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series switches

Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series with expansion modules

All Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series models, including the 1GE uplink models (hardware revision 6 and above) now come with the hardware resources required to run the Cyber Vision sensor application. Previously, only the 10GE uplink models supported Cyber Vision. In addition to Cyber Vision, all Catalyst IE3300 models can now run other Cisco IOx applications, enabling new capabilities at the industrial edge.

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See how the Catalyst IE3300 can help you digitize and protect operations. Check out our product page, review the data sheet and learn more about Cyber Vision. Let us know if you’d like an expert to get in touch with you for an individual discussion.


Fabien Maisl

Senior Marketing Manager, IoT Security

Cisco Internet of Things (IoT)