Now more than ever, companies need to amplify the capabilities and security of their business. A key factor is extending robust networking beyond the “carpeted space” and into rugged operational environments like manufacturing floors, airport tarmacs, distribution centers, even parking lots to name a few. Our recent webinar, Extending Your Enterprise with Cisco IoT explored how you can optimize operations by expanding your core IT network with Cisco’s proven IoT solutions for outdoor use cases. View the webinar on demand here.

Simplifying IT and OT management

Reliable connectivity is critical for outdoor industrial devices such as sorters and conveyers, as well as communications via IP cameras, handheld devices and phones. This webinar, the first in a new Cisco IoT webinar series, introduced how Cisco IoT solutions for the extended enterprise can help you increase operational efficiency while lowering costs with centralized control.

As the number of connected end points rapidly increases, enterprises are often challenged with the need to simplify IT and OT device management. They also need to enforce consistent security policies across all operations. Cisco IoT solutions enable you to centrally manage the entire enterprise network, giving you the control to simplify and secure IT-run industrial extended enterprise environments.

Built to withstand harsh conditions, Cisco’s broad IoT portfolio of industrial switches, routers and wireless access points are designed for high performance in outdoor environments. With a small size, weight and form factor, our IoT-enabled equipment helps ensure reliable connectivity through extremes in temperature and humidity, shocks, vibrations and more.

Increasing business value with new digital experiences

Extending robust connectivity to external environments also opens up opportunities to improve processes that increase customer satisfaction such as faster luggage handling, or zero downtime during system upgrades. It also equips your enterprise to gain data-driven insights that help drive new operational efficiencies.

With an expanded enterprise network, you can also generate new recurring revenue by offering value-add connected services. For example, help your customers solve problems faster with the right data at the right time.

From airports and warehouses, to utility field sites, gas stations and beyond, Cisco IoT solutions offer industry-leading extended enterprise network management. Learn how it can make a difference for your business: check out the webinar replay.

Learn more about Cisco’s Extended Enterprise solutions by reading our latest blog: Extending the Enterprise Network Beyond the Carpeted Floor Space and visiting our website: Extended Enterprise.

If you would like to contact us to find out how Cisco’s IoT solutions can meet your business needs, you can email us at: ask-ciscoiot@cisco.com.



Sanat Kamal Bahl

Director Strategic Product Marketing

Cisco IoT Cloud