One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. See how digitizing the network connects multiple experts to the patient securely for efficient diagnoses.

For most women, it all starts with a call from their doctor that something was abnormal in their routine mammogram. The first few weeks of this harrowing journey can be especially stressful as the patient waits for answers. They wait to hear back from their doctor about test results, wait for an appointment with a specialist, and then wait some more to hear back again.

vRad is transforming and accelerating this conventional process with the implementation of Cisco collaboration, networking, and security technology. As the leading American teleradiology services and telemedicine company, vRad enables nearly 500 physicians to interpret and process patient imaging studies virtually. The physicians work remotely and are able to optimize workflows in a way that dramatically reduces the turnaround time. This allows for significant improvements in the patient experience – most patients are able to get their imaging results in the same appointment as the scan procedure!


All of this is possible with Cisco Healthcare technology. vRad is able to establish secure, real-time video communications to reduce time to diagnosis with Cisco TelePresence and Cisco Webex for collaboration and Cisco ISEStealthwatch, and Sourcefire for security. A secure and reliable network infrastructure enables high-definition (HD) image sharing by way of Cisco CatalystNexus SwitchesAironet Access Points, and UCS Servers.

To learn more about how vRad is helping their patients to avoid the diagnostic waiting game, read the case study or watch the full video here.


Sangita Patel

Cisco SD-WAN, Routing, Cloud Networking Marketing Lead