In early February, a group of healthcare CXOs and innovation leaders toured a set of iconic US hospital innovation labs and healthcare innovation centres. Their aim was to study innovation process in the US and gather learnings appropriate for application in Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) healthcare communities. The facilities visited included:

  • Mass General Healthcare Transformation Lab
  • Pulse@Challenge
  • MIT Hacking Medicine
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Johns Hopkins (Sibley Innovation Hub)
  • Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center
  • UNC

These insights, together with the work done by Cisco on innovation infrastructure in ANZ, formed the material for a three-hour roundtable conversation at Cisco Live 2017 in Melbourne. The event brought together 25 CXO’s from around Australia to discuss drivers of healthcare innovation in ANZ and what can be done to accelerate these processes.

The key takeaways from the roundtable were:

  • Healthcare is increasingly challenged by constrained budgets, rising expectations and growing complexity of care. Innovation is a critical lever to drive improvements to healthcare.
  • Innovation models need to be tailored to the specific organisational and broader context
  • While there are numerous innovation models, all share a common set of underlying requirements including access to information and the capacity to distil needs, barriers, ideas and solutions.
  • One of the most fundamental challenges in hospital innovation relates to poor coupling between clinical process innovation and information technology innovation. This causes inefficiency and risk.
  • Clarity about the role and status of digital information infrastructure is fundamental in improving innovation. The infrastructure maturity model is a tool for diagnosing and improving this.
  • There is interest in creating a community and collaboration around this subject – anchored by an emergent dataset (aggregated results of the IMM) and using a new co-creation platform.

To find out more, read the full roundtable report.


Brendan Lovelock

Health Practice Lead

Cisco Australia