What’s new and next in healthcare technology? The Internet of Everything is dramatically reshaping the healthcare industry… connecting the unHealthcare-Wellness-Appconnected and revolutionizing how we access, deliver, and experience healthcare. Today, Cisco released the second issue of Well, a complimentary digital magazine available for download on your iPad that explores how technology is transforming the patient experience, and how new models of care delivery are improving the quality of care, expanding access to providers, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Through interactive features including digital infographics, videos and articles, the second issue of Well shares how:

  • Stanford Dermatology Clinic is using telemedicine to reduce wait times for specialty care
  • Cloud technology and “anywhere access” are improving care delivery
  • A revamped network improved operational efficiency and reduced costs at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Patient and provider preferences are changing around privacy and security
  • A virtual network of care changed lives in Arizona’s rural communities

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