Before embarking on a digital transformation, El Camino Health, a Northern California health system, wanted to ensure it had a proper foundation to fully support new digital health solutions. The best way to make that determination? The HIMSS INFRAM assessment.  

HIMSS INFRAM (Infrastructure Adoption Model) helps healthcare organizations assess and benchmark their IT infrastructure capabilities and maturity. By identifying areas of strength and weakness, the framework offers health systems a roadmap to optimize their network to better support patient care and achieve their strategic goals. Regularly scheduled reassessments can then track progress over time. 

In the case of El Camino Health, the gap assessment led to a three-year network modernization plan to boost switching, routing, and wireless capabilities. These upgrades were needed to handle anticipated heavier data traffic and workloads from next-generation solutions such as real-time tracking systems and wayfinding technology. 

The results of the HIMSS INFRAM assessment validated El Camino Health’s return on recent technology investments and will lead to better digital experience for staff and patients. 

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Matt LaFon

CX Healthcare Solutions Development Architect

Customer Experience (CX)