In a clinical setting, the experience of care is delivered through a complex series of interactions. From touchpoints with staff, facilities, services and the processes which coordinate them, these interactions can have a significant impact on the patient experience.

In a modern hospital, the facility’s digital information systems choreograph and frequently mediate these interactions. And, as hospital care evolves, digital information systems become even more critical to facilitating and optimizing the patient and staff experience.

We’re all searching for a better and more supportive experience for our patients and staff.  Yet, digital systems are often fragmented and underutilized. This limits our ability to create widespread and coordinated transformation. Unfortunately, the link between technology and experience has been too difficult to translate into digital healthcare transformations. That is, until now.

Making real impact

Consider how powerful it would be to clearly understand how to deliver better patient and provider experiences and to identify technology capabilities needed to achieve that transformation.

This information is now available through extensive research and real-world application resulting in an innovative, practical framework. The Information Infrastructure to Experience Framework (IIEF) describes how healthcare providers can deliver better patient and provider experiences with a highly distilled approach. It also provides ongoing guidance for future technology and experience decisions as the needs of the organization evolve.

The opportunity is clear. We need a fundamental shift in thinking about what how our information systems and information infrastructure can best support the transformation of the patient and provider experience.

We encourage you to learn more about the IIEF framework and how it can be applied in the healthcare setting by reading our newest paper, ‘Designing a better patient experience through information systems’ and the published peer-reviewed high-impact journal article.


Trish Williams

Professor of Digital Health Systems

Flinders University