There’s never been a better time to reimagine healthcare. Today, healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to connect people, processes, data and things while maintaining security and patient privacy. Read this quarter’s Connected Health newsletter to learn how you can extend the delivery of quality care whenever and wherever it is needed.

Point of View:  Digitization of Healthcare
Technology can improve the patient experience, drive analytics based on medical data, and secure the world’s most valuable data.

Case Study:  VRad
Live video radiology diagnostics reduce patient anxiety while assuring more effective care through face-to-face collaboration.

Case Study:  Union Hospital of Cecil County
Reliable, secure foundation protects patient information and delivers quick access to electronic health records.

Video:  Virtual Patient Observation
A video-enabled approach to patient sitting that improves workflows for caregivers, lowers costs, and helps improve patient safety.

Video:  Staying Connected During Illness
Cisco TelePresence allows Callie to stay connected while undergoing a bone marrow transplant and post-transplant isolation.

White Paper:  Healthcare Security
Protect your patients, your practice, your brand, and yourself by implementing a comprehensive threat-centric security model.

Video:  The Power of Connection
Young cancer patient uses Cisco video conferencing to create and maintain meaningful relationships while attending class remotely.

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Cisco Connected Health


Joyce Perrelli

Healthcare Program Manager

America’s Field Marketing