A few years ago, that question might have sparked a discussion around the efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs. Today however, references to tablets have fostered a whole new context especially in regards to healthcare. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are indeed transforming healthcare as we know it and in a manner of speaking, they do have the means to impact health and wellness. How you may ask? Think about the latest statistics around the explosive adoption of mobile devices in healthcare. A recent study conducted by Manhattan Research estimated that the use of tablet devices by U.S physicians have nearly doubled in the past year alone and are expected to continue to rise at a meteoric pace. These devices are being used in both the personal and professional lives of healthcare providers for everything from accessing emails to electronic medical records, clinical research and collaboration with peers and industry experts. Tablets have become the new well of information – the new virtual water cooler if you will.

At Cisco we recognize that technology is enabling critical innovations in healthcare and with the convenience and flexibility of all the mobile devices at our finger tips – what better way to keep abreast of what’s new and next in healthcare than from your own tablet or smartphone device?

With that in mind, Cisco is excited to introduce a brand new digital magazine for the healthcare community, entitled “Well”.  Well is an interactive publication that will offer in-depth coverage of technological improvements and industry breakthroughs that truly impact the delivery of healthcare.

The first edition of Well explores compelling real-life stories of how Cisco technologies are improving the lives of patients and doctors including:

  • Four Seasons Health Care who expanded their mobile workforce 500% without adding any new IT support costs, by using Cisco AnyConnect.
  • Georgia Partnership for Telehealth who is bringing rural residents closer to caregivers with advances in video technology.
  • And Kalispell Regional Medical Center who met server and CPU capacity problems head-on with help from the Cisco Unified Computing Systems platform.
  • In addition to these stories, there are customer and solution videos, interactive infographic reports on telehealth and much more.

So can a tablet help you get well? In this case, it absolutely can! To take advantage of this exciting free online publication, download Well for your iPad today and let us know what you think.