The Network. Intuitive.

Introducing an entirely new era of networking — constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting.  Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) foundation enables digital transformation for healthcare. Its software-driven service that delivers faster innovation with actionable insights, lowers costs with network automation, and reduces risks with security everywhere. It provides the flexibility you need for accelerated transformation, which is at the heart of healthcare innovation.


What can Cisco DNA for healthcare do for my healthcare organization?

Innovate faster with business and network insights: Generate real-time analytics to provide more relevant care and research experiences, increase clinician and staff productivity, and optimize space usage. The new network automatically collects device, application and user data and correlates it into insights. It uses machine learning to predict performance and enable proactive clinical and business operations.

Lower complexity and costs with automation: Roll out and update clinical, research, and factory networks faster and reduce day-to-day operational and network-management costs with automation, central management, and application assurance. The new network behaves as a system, automating mundane tasks, studying the changes and constantly learning. It turns days of work into hours and hours of work into seconds.  It shifts IT time to focus more on identifying new opportunities for innovation and driving new patient, clinical, and business outcomes.

See and act on threats: Secure critical patient data, medical devices, and clinical-trial research with continuous, faster threat detection and protection, with security embedded network-wide. Threats keep evolving, and we know healthcare is the #1 targeted industry by cyber attackers. The new network knows this too. It sees hackers even when they do not want to be seen. Even when they are hiding in encrypted traffic. It stops 20 million threats a day, and learns from every one of them. The new network can see the visible AND invisible threats. And that changes everything. 

What components make up Cisco DNA?


  • DNA Center is a better way to manage your network. Offers centralized, intuitive management that make it fast and easy to design, provision, and apply policy across your entire network environment.
  • Software-Defined Access. The industry’s first policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud takes a logical, policy-based approach that deploys and secures services and adapts to changes faster.
  • Analytics and Assurance. Abstracts network insights by collecting data from the network using the Network Data Platform and then identifies service-impacting issues before users do while enabling faster troubleshooting.
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA). Enhances the ability of the Cisco network to act as a sensor and uncovers threats hidden in encrypted traffic using network analytics (without decryption). These threats are viewed within the Stealthwatch Management Console. ETA enhances the ability of the Cisco network to act as a sensor.


  • Network Data Platform collects data from the network, normalizes that data and then sends it to DNA Center to be viewed in the Assurance screen.
  • Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series is the first purpose-built platform designed for Cisco DNA. An open and programmable platform with integrated support for wireless and IoT devices. It extends our existing wireless, switch and routing DNA-ready infrastructure.

How can I learn more?

Visit cisco.com/go/dnahealthcare and contact your Cisco sales representative.


Barbara Casey

Senior Executive Director, Healthcare

Americas Business Transformation