Change. It’s constantly redefining the healthcare landscape, whether triggered by technology innovations, cultural shifts, or world events.   

Healthcare organizations understand this and plan for it, putting continuity and recovery plans in place to help them maintain normal operations as much as possible in times of change. 

However, with the pandemic, many healthcare organizations were faced with changes so great and so fast, there was no “normal” to return to. 

The industry is quickly changing, and healthcare organizations are pivoting their services and work environments to be more flexible and resilient. 

According to this PwC Pulse Survey, 90% of healthcare executives are prioritizing changing workplace safety measures and requirements as their employees transition back into the clinical space. 67% plan to make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it, and 70% are actively working to improve the remote work experience.  

Healthcare organizations are managing the acceleration of existing trends such as increases in remote workforce, increased security concerns and exponential growth in telehealth and virtual care  

Couple that with the massive crisis we have today within the healthcare workforce. Since the start of the pandemic, 1 in 5 healthcare workers have left their job, and 49% cited burnout as the top reason for leaving the field

With global staffing shortages, clinician burnout, and an alarming number of healthcare workers leaving the profession, it’s time to rethink the work experience.

We believe it’s time to look beyond “normal” or even the “new normal” and embrace the ever-changing reality of our future with new levels of resilience. Not to just recover and adjust in the face of change, but to thrive.   

This is where Cisco makes a difference. You need secure, healthcare solutions designed and built for change at scale across your organization.  

Cisco hybrid work solutions are built for the convergence of people, technology, and places. With hybrid work, you can retain your workforce and decrease clinician burnout by enabling clinicians and administrative staff to be productive in their preferred environment—inside a care facility, at home, or moving between locations.

Learn more about hybrid work for healthcare here, and take a look at how Cisco is transforming the future of healthcare in the short video below. 



Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group