As global citizens, we want the best future for our families, friends and generations to come. We question and dream about what the future may mean for our lives – and for the world we live in.

For years, Cisco has been working with governments around the world to help create safer communities, provide more accessible healthcare, broaden education and expand provision of basic utilities.

For example, New Orleans saved thousands of manpower hours leveraging Cisco technology, enabling their police force to more efficiently serve millions of residents and tourists every year.

On the other side of the world, nearly 13,000 villages in India are now connected to basic citizen services using Cisco’s technology to accelerate connectivity to the most remote areas in the country.

And with cyber threats on the rise, Cisco continues to develop comprehensive cyber security platforms to enable those whose missions are to protect our global citizens.

Whether our technology is being used to solve, create, inspire, heal or secure, we focus on what’s important to countries and communities and show our customers how technology can help them to open doors to new possibilities and enable their countries and communities to thrive.

With the current scale and pace of change in the world, how can we work together to bridge the gap between our world today and the one we imagine for the future?

Roadmap for the future of public sector blog series

Join us for our #FutureofPublicSector blog series, as we delve deeper into the future of the public sector, from education to transportation, government operations to healthcare and public works, and so much more. We are excited to share real examples demonstrating how innovators are already setting the bar with futuristic digitization visions and technology deployments, which may guide you to start tapping into the world of possibilities, today.

Between the world we live in and the one we imagine, there’s a bridge.



Cassie Roach

Vice President Sales and Sustainability

Acceleration and Action Office