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As we continue our #GovernmentNow series, we’re taking a trip to India to see how innovative technology is increasingly vital to public health and safety, as well as for the economic and societal success of our communities.

Digital transformation is the new normal in India. As we work to build our future of public sector, there are huge strides advancing us toward our greater goal – to become a $5 trillion economy. Digital adoption is skyrocketing, thanks in large part to India’s government making great efforts to encourage innovative progress. But where are we now? The world is changing, and in today’s climate, technology is more important than ever to help us solve emerging challenges. Let’s take a closer look.

India’s millennium city, leading the way

Gurugram, a new-age city bordering India’s capital, Delhi, is an epicentre for global commerce and innovation. As a leading example for the rest of India to follow, Gurugram is at the forefront of innovation in public engagement and civic management. Why? To keep pace with rapid development and subsequent population growth, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) launched a “smart and safe city” project, in which technology serves as the core building blocks to provide better services, to enhance safety, and to secure and optimize public infrastructure.

“To sustain a world-class city and support a high standard of living, we need to be integrated and coordinated across all of our operations.”

Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) official spokesperson

Key to this project is city’s Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC). As you read this blog, an expert task force of government administrators, law enforcement officials, and emergency responders continually remotely monitor live data to enhance citizen safety, security, and well-being. GMDA’s ICCC is an impressive feature of industry-leading Cisco technologies. As a central hub for a wide array of civic functions, data flows from a network mesh of live cameras and infrastructure sensors throughout the city.

Like many communities and countries around the world, Gurugram must uphold social distancing rules set in place by the Government of India. The ICCC gives insight into mobility throughout the city, allowing better management and prevention of crowds for public health and safety. In these trying times, everyone must play their part to protect health and happiness for the whole.  

What started as an initiative to enhance quality of life, is today, saving lives. With the ability to dynamically monitor situations as they unfold, GMDA becomes better equipped to identify proper resource allocation, discover problems, and respond quicker to crises and evolving situations. As Gurugram continues to grow, so too will its “Smart and Safe City” infrastructure and capabilities. GMDA is expecting to complete more than 20 integrations on the ICCC platform by the end of 2020.

“…The health and safety of Gurugram’s citizens is paramount to us. GMDA is able to secure its citizens by seamlessly managing and monitoring events. The ICCC is helping us achieve this using technology. It is also helping us in law enforcement and crowd management.”

Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) official spokesperson

Government is changing in India

Throughout India, we continue to see exceptional partnerships and inspiring results. Businesses, health facilities, educational institutions, and government organisations rely on Cisco for secure remote work and critical operational continuity.

To manage response during these unprecedented times, a top medical and health sciences university has remotely trained over 25,000 health care workers.

In just one state alone, Cisco Webex is connecting 4,000 paramedical staff across more than 80 virtual rooms in 81 hospitals.

A state district court now uses Cisco collaboration tools to conduct virtual judicial proceedings to continue to address urgent matters as needed.

In partnership with a Government of India ministry, Cisco’s Networking Academies conduct educational and outreach programs, recently tallying more than 14,000 class registrations.

Bridge to Possible

From simplifying security and adoption for new technologies to providing a unified public safety experience, and from improving quality of life to expanding virtual administrative capabilities to meet virtual needs, we innovate to enable governments all around the world. We believe that the more we’re apart, the more we need to come together.

Together, we are reimagining what’s possible.

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How is technology innovation changing your community or country? Do you have a unique story to tell? Comment below. Share your thoughts. Join the conversation. And keep an eye out for our next #GovernmentNow post.

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