Imagine what a city could and should look like in several years. What do you see?

  • What will be top of mind for citizens?
  • How will citizens be accessing information and engaging with city agencies?
  • What tools will be needed in this future of cities?

Well, look no further because the city of the future is here today. Insight related to those questions, and many more, is provided by Cisco’s Wim Elfrink in Huffington Post, as he explores innovative concepts for urban sustainability and new possibilities for an improved citizen experience, as well as how the Internet of Everything (IoE) can help enrich people’s lives.     Read the full article via Huffington Post, published today.

IoE, the Smart+Connected Communities Framework, and the Impact on the Public Sector

Throughout the New Cities Summit, as well as throughout our #SmartConnectedCity blog series, we took a look at how IoE and technology are helping to re-define cities by providing a framework for city and local government leaders to improve agency agility and performance, to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, and to enhance on-demand citizen services. Below, for additional insight, Anil Menon and Wim Elfrink elaborate on this topic from New Cities Summit last week, as well as kick off a discussion about the subsequent impact on the public sector, which includes expanding access to education and healthcare. 


To see more actual examples showing the impact of technology and IoE on cities and the public sector, click on the image below.

Interested in Learning More?

Finally, in wrapping up this series, I’ll simply say that as the city of the future is here, then the time for positive change is now. As Mike Rawlings, the Mayor of Dallas, stated during the New Cities Summit, “We must be proactive, not reactive in approaching the city with a 21st century lens.”

If you missed any of the #SmartConnectedCity blogs or want to ensure you have all the available resources as part of this series, including a sneak peak of our new thought leadership video on IoE and cities featuring the City of Dallas, make sure to register here, or visit Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities page and Government page on Cisco.com.

We hope you enjoyed our #SmartConnectedCity blog series. Thank you for all your feedback and comments along the way, and let us know what you’d like us to do a series on next. We’d love to hear from you.


Brenda Germundson

Global Public Sector Marketing Lead

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