The digital transformation of governments is now the foundational element enabling communities to re-imagine how critical services are offered and delivered. Citizens have embraced digital access to government services and now demand a consistent experience that feels connected and secure. How can our governments tap into this newly generated demand for digital services, and what benefits can technology bring to the citizens of their communities? Can governments embrace emerging technology and finally bridge the digital divide to provide a truly inclusive environment?

These are some of the questions that Steve Vetter and I will help answer in our 2 part Future of Government podcast series. We’ll explore how governments can establish a secure, resilient, and agile foundation for government, residents, and economic growth foundation by focusing on four main areas:

· Inclusive infrastructure
· Critical infrastructure resiliency
· Data-driven responsiveness
· Embed zero trust security

We’ll also explain how governments are quickly becoming the catalysts of innovation by utilizing technology to positively shape the future and avoid the temptation of complacency. This holistic and innovative approach drives community advancements and enables citizens equitable access to critical services.

Coffee and Conversations: The Future of Government

Part 1

Part 2

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Matthew Dietz

Government National Security Strategist

Industry Solutions Group