Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 120th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)  Conference and Expo in Philadelphia.

IACP CiscoIt was an honor to attend this event and learn from experts about best practices in public safety as well as to recognize this years Winners and Finalists selected by the IACP Community Policing Committee recognized for the best community policing practices representing agencies around the world with the Community Policing Award from IACP and Cisco.

This year there were over 450 separate events, including 200 workshops covering a comprehensive array of public safety issues, best practices and solutions including sessions concerning major public safety incidents during the past year, including the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing, that have affected each and every one of us.

Collaboration, shared services and improved communications capabilities were important themes throughout this year’s conference.

Other IACP highlights included:Keynote

Is your agency ready to submit an entry for the 2014 IACP Community Policing Awards? Visit the IACP Community Policing website for more information.

For more information on solutions for public safety and community policing, check out our Secure Mobility / BYOD Survival Guide and our new IoT enabled solutions for public safety that provide for improved capabilities to support collaboration, interoperability and increased intelligence.

Stay tuned to the Cisco Government Blog site for the next installment of the public safety blog series!

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Kacey Carpenter

Senior Manager

Global Government and Public Sector Marketing