Over the years, I’ve seen how telepresence technologies revolutionize the way organizations of all sizes do business, but one area where I’m really excited about the potential is within the court system.

Here in Collin County, north of Dallas, our local court system is pushing the envelope when it comes to video technology. In addition to conducting felony pleas via video, a centrally located video system in the courthouse connects attorneys with their clients without having to a make trip to the county jail. Not only does the county’s telepresence technology increase efficiency and cut transportation costs for both attorneys and detainees alike, but it also fosters collaboration and innovation within the justice system. The county’s presiding judge uses the technology to connect with lawyers and judges across the country to share best practices and innovative solutions.

Watch this video featuring the judge, IT directors and attorneys, to see how Collin County is benefiting from telepresence…beyond a reasonable doubt.Equipped with Cisco TelePresence they’ve increased county employee productivity, improved case disposition and bolstered community safety–all while saving precious taxpayer dollars.

If you are interested in implementing or furthering use of telepresence and collaboration for your agency, I encourage you to check out the upcoming webinar from Digital Government Institute (DGI) and Cisco. Also, let us know your story – are you improving services or reducing expenses using telepresence or other technologies?

Stay tuned for more Connected Justice from the Great State of Texas!


Kerry Best

Marketing Manager

Public Sector Marketing