It was evident throughout the discussions at Smart City Expo World Congress that technology is a critical component when it comes to understanding the future of our communities. We heard firsthand how cities are grappling with the digital divide and determined to make more livable and sustainable communities, with ubiquitous access to education, healthcare, and government services. We talked about securing and modernizing our critical infrastructure, the cornerstone of our economies and cities, and ensuring this sits on a foundation of trust to help our societies flourish. This included seeing Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority take home the win for the Safety and Security Award as part of the 2021 World Smart City Awards. And finally, we discussed how the move to a new hybrid world is shaping the future in a variety of ways.

Across all these topics, however, one thing is for certain: education and healthcare are at the heart of our communities and our hybrid world.  Having a strong foundation when it comes to these essential public services becomes critical to how a society thrives and is paramount to our future.

A classroom is no longer a classroom. It’s anywhere in the world where there is a student eager to learn.

We are seeing, in fact living, the changes to a new hybrid world when it comes to education. It’s no longer about where a teacher or professor or a student is located. It’s about learning and sustaining learning so that our future generations can be a part of a better world that provides inclusive education for all.

Good health is made possible by great care. And great care is made greater by connection.

Our new hybrid world has accelerated the adoption of a number of innovative healthcare technologies. We rely on these technologies to power telehealth and digital front door – trends and tools that help ensure equitable access to care, regardless of physical location. Now, more than ever, patients, providers, and staff need secure connections to help achieve inclusive care for all.

Between envisioning a better world and creating one, there’s a bridge.

The future is an evolution of tradition, and between tradition and transformation sits technology as an incredibly powerful enabler to help improve education, healthcare, and government services. We’re in this together, and as always, Cisco is securely connecting what’s now and what’s next to power a greater good and an inclusive future for all in our new hybrid world.

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Cassie Roach

Vice President Sales and Sustainability

Acceleration and Action Office