Meet Jack and Zach. You may have seen them around in a variety of situations where Zach is happy and Jack is not. Why is that? Because Jack relies on aging, non-compliant infrastructure and service, that’s why! And while it might be funny to follow along with Jack and Zach’s exploits, here at Cisco we know that security is no laughing matter. We created Jack and Zach to get your attention about two major security concerns in the public sector: aging network infrastructure and non-FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based collaboration tools.

Aging Network Infrastructure

By using aging, end-of-life network infrastructure at your agency, you’re not only being inefficient – you’re also being very risky. Outdated infrastructure actually increases your security risk, putting your agency’s critical data in danger. By replacing old IT and network infrastructure with more modern secure technology, you’ll reduce your security risks and improve efficiency, productivity and service delivery.


Zach refreshed his network to keep it secure. Jack continued to use his out-of-date network infrastructure and got hacked.

Non-Compliant Clouds

While cloud solutions allow for faster processing and a more agile and efficient platform, government agencies need to ensure that their cloud-based tools are secure to protect citizen data. FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Cisco offers a variety of FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based solutions for agencies to use, including our popular WebEx collaboration environment. WebEx allows agencies to reduce travel time and costs and increase meeting engagement and efficiency, all while remaining secure and FedRAMP compliant.


Zach is happy because he uses WebEx, which is a FedRAMP-compliant cloud collaboration tool. Jack doesn’t.

Don’t Risk IT

So now when you see Jack and Zach, you know that they represent the potential for serious security risks. Don’t risk your agency’s IT – make sure your network infrastructure is up-to-date and your cloud collaboration tools are FedRAMP-compliant. You can learn more about why you need a network refresh here. And check out our information on Cisco’s compliant cloud solutions here.


Kathy Ditto

Senior Director

U.S. Public Sector Marketing