What industry challenges is your business facing today? Tomorrow? Next year? 

And how is your IT strategy building the bridge to key business outcomes?

Healthcare outside the hospital. The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Transforming education systems and ways of learning. Connected transportation. The imminent growth of 5G. The transformation of smart cities and communities.

Join us for conversations on public sector solutions to challenges like these and more at the Industries Theatre in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live Barcelona. 

Join us for timely discussions on the future of public sector solutions

Cities + Communities

Data privacy on your mind? You’re not alone. Join us for a conversation on how to best secure and utilize your city and community data


The future of transportation is in motion. Discuss connected rail solutions and the acceleration of the transportation industry with experts in our theatre.

Public Sector

How do you lead in a world in constant transition? With 5G on the horizon and security threats growing in severity and frequency as they threaten cities, states, and nations across the globe, discover how you can pave the way with Cisco’s unique portfolio. 

University of Granada

The University of Granada has been a world leader in education for more than five hundred years. Today, tens of thousands of people connect with the campus, the learning materials, and each other through Cisco’s secure network foundation. Join us at the University of Granada booth to learn about Campus Wireless and Connectivity through an innovative and interactive experience.

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Brenda Germundson

Global Public Sector Marketing Lead

Global Industries Marketing