It seems like everyone is concerned about cybersecurity these days, but the stakes are especially high for the federal government. For good reason, as the public sector’s networks and data in question contain some of our nation’s most important and most sensitive information. But the technology landscape is constantly shifting, and it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest in cybersecurity. It can be even harder in government, where agencies have to comply by a strict set of policies and it can often take longer to implement new technologies or processes than it does in the private sector.

Despite this landscape, here at Cisco we’re committed to partnering with the federal government to ensure that all agencies have the highest possible level of security. Why? Because security is the number one enabler of the digitization of government.

In order for government agencies to be able to take advantage of connected information technology to create new capabilities, monitor and control environments, and streamline operations, they need to be assured that their systems are secure. So we’re making it our mission to bring top-notch security to government IT so that agencies can save time and money and provide unprecedented access to information in order to help keep citizens informed.

As part of that mission, we are happy to present GovLoop’s latest guide on cybersecurity in government. One of our federal cybersecurity experts, Will Ash, shared his expertise with GovLoop so that others might be able to learn from his experiences. In particular, Will is focused on a holistic view of cybersecurity. According to him, “the biggest impediment to ensuring cybersecurity is planning, budgeting and executing around single security products as opposed to a more holistic threat defense strategy.”

You can check out Will’s full interview here to learn more about how your federal agency can implement a holistic cybersecurity strategy. You can also download Govloop’s full guide, “The State of Government’s Cybersecurity”. And if you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you implement that holistic strategy to ensure your agency has the highest possible level of protection, get in touch with our cybersecurity experts.


Larry Payne

Vice President, Sales

US Public Sector