As the second largest municipality in Florida, Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) is responsible for providing its 310,000 customers across Orlando, St. Cloud, and Orange counties water and electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because the utility serves such a large number of customers across a wide range of cities, OUC management found it difficult to keep all of its different branch locations connected using an outdated data center infrastructure. With a vision to develop a more centralized IT structure to better serve its customers, OUC decided it was time to explore data center and network equipment options.

As a long-standing customer and Cisco Nexus Series Switches user, OUC trusted Cisco to help pinpoint exactly what it needed to improve its network. After learning more about its variety of data center options, OUC decided to deploy Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches for data centers. This solution would not only update its current infrastructure and centralize information across the multiple branches, however it would also help OUC employees collaborate and communicate more efficiently in addition to automating many of its daily processes.

Although still in the deployment phase, OUC has already experienced a variety of positive results with its 9000 series data center. Using the Cisco Nexus switches, OUC can now instantaneously connect its several branches through a shared platform that minimizes technical complications. OUC also has greater room for data usage and a more redundant network that can reconverge in just milliseconds for a faster response time and ultimately, better customer service.

Increasing business efficiency and network automation were two key factors in OUCs decision to continue working with Cisco, and with its new Cisco Nexus data center solution OUC can continue serving its customers and upholding its lasting reputation as “The Reliable One.” If you think reliability is something that your organization needs, check out Cisco’s switching solutions here.


Tony Morelli

Vice President, SLED East