Simplifying your collaboration platform is best done by adopting one that is also a cloud-based platform, specifically, cloud calling. But you don’t have to compromise on less performance and features. In fact, with the ability to manage from the cloud, your organization will gain a full feature set with lower costs overall.

When we started these conversations twenty years ago (with the introduction of Voice over IP, or VOIP) I keenly remember discussing the need to make any new device look and act like the one used previously. While we added a few features and did make our 911 platform more robust – it also grew more complicated at the same time.

So here we are at that crossroads again. But this time, it is a generational change. One with long lasting impacts as we move workloads to the cloud. That’s why it’s critical we take our learnings from the past twenty years into account as we look for our path forward.

Meeting the collaboration needs of government

While these decisions are usually made at the facilities, public safety, and IT levels in our organizations, what if we looked at this differently from a persona standpoint? What if we get the robust features that a government employee needs, with the ability to guarantee the needs of facilities, public safety, and IT departments?

The Government workforce is now mobile, agile, and connected. Our communication platforms should reflect this change. Text messaging, video chat, and voice services are all part of the daily channel of communication in our worlds. We have probably all seen instances where, if the IT department doesn’t provide the feature an employee or department needs, they will go out and get it themselves. These forms of “shadow IT” are more common than you think.

Transitioning to the cloud gives us the ability to reign in some of those practices. All while giving our state and local government workers the access and communication solution that performs best for them.

Government collaboration was meant for the cloud

Now for the good news. There are solutions that can meet these needs of all your key personas, and they are based in the cloud.

Cloud-based collaboration solutions offer many benefits that you may not be aware of. First, they provide a single form of identity and communication medium for your users. They can also repurpose many devices you have already invested in. Plus , they’re fully compliant and more robust for your public safety teams (including requirements for nomadic services and the Ray Baum’s act).

Webex Cloud Calling for state and local government

With a cloud-based collaboration solution, your IT department can avoid long, drawn out—and painful—upgrades. Or worrying about location and redundancy needs of an aging data center. Cloud-based collaboration solutions can also integrate with your current cloud platforms, simplifying identity, authentication, and configuration. These can be accomplished with a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) cloud platform that is easier to administer, analyze, and operate.

Webex Cloud Calling made for IT for state and local government

This is where Webex Calling comes in

Implementing a cloud calling platform gives you added flexibility, plus high-value features and enhanced security. For example, as a cloud-based platform, Webex Calling can be part of an overall collaboration solution or function as a stand-alone, providing features and functionality that add strong value for your users.

The ability to access local emergency management services is an additional feature that is vital for enhancing the physical security of your facilities. The interoperability with silent panic buttons within the public service environment means that notifications and local, state, and federal E911 requirements are in place.

What about survivability? Webex Calling has multiple ways to address survivability, from the simple use of an application on your mobile phone, to multi-path network connectivity, to the standards of premise-based backup. It’s a cloud-based collaboration solution that can meet most any type of requirement you need.

Building your cloud calling solution for the future

Moving to a cloud calling platform is the generational change that we’ve been waiting for. It gives your organization added flexibility, high value features, and enhanced security. With Webex Calling, you set your agencies on a solid path for the next 10 years. One that empowers users across agencies with a technology that enhances their ability to serve.

Let’s avoid the mistake we, as an industry, made twenty years ago when we merely shifted the platform from one medium to another. We now have the rare opportunity to build a feature rich platform that can serve state and local government through a cloud-based ecosystem reflecting their current use cases and needs. And truly impact this and future generations for the better.

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